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What are the benefits to the UK of taking in refugees?

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    (Original post by Ladbants)
    If we're going to invest money into accommodating them and giving them food and every thing, what benefit do we get? How will they contribute to and improve Britain? Just trying to do a cost-benefit analysis here.
    Haven't they contributed enough? We're the ones who propped up those oppressive dictators, gave them weapons for decades..and then armed fundamentalist militants who made their lives a living misery.. btw we're still arming different shia and other radical islamist groups in the region and we're droning their countries ffs..They don't have houses, jobs or a stable life back home - we've destroyed that.
    So the least we can do is take a few in when we've destroyed their country for our own economic benefits. >inb4 Islamic apologist, leftist etc..all the other bs. Just an honest opinion.

    (Original post by Ladbants)
    If we're going to invest money into accommodating them and giving them food and every thing, what benefit do we get? How will they contribute to and improve Britain? Just trying to do a cost-benefit analysis here.
    In my opinion, other than looking good to a certain group of people, NONE whatsoever

    (Original post by Foo.mp3)
    Legal: Compliance with international agreements regarding asylum seekers (if/when these exist vs. 'first safe country'

    Ethical: Satisfying the collective conscience regarding 'taking our fare share' and helping to mitigate human suffering

    Economic: The well educated/highly skilled/hard working boost diversity, dynamism, and productivity in the economy

    Social: The ethno-culturally compatible, socially minded, add to the sense of cultural enrichment and 'one world' fraternity

    Summary: We have a legal and ethical duty to accept refugees, but these must be people who are willing and able to integrate and make a net contribution. Unfortunately non-EU migrants presently cost the exchequer (HM Treasury) net £15,000,000,000 p.a. and 50-75% of Muslims in the UK are economically inactive, and many make little/no effort to integrate/learn our language

    Muslims are 3.25 times, and Black people 7 times, overrepresented in our prison population, and the majority of street crime (including knife/gun crime) is perpetrated by black people in London - yet this demographic constitutes just 13% of the population. As a Londoner, I know I am not alone in being sick to death of seeing BME yoots doing everything from engaging in antisocial/threatening behaviour to literally running riot e.g. the recent Hyde Park knife attacks, and the London Riots of 2011

    I have, and will always, point to the prescience of The Clash of Civilisations thesis of international relations in the context of inexorable trends/the irrefutable primacy of our tribal-civilisational politics of identity. A learned social scientist and humanitarian who cares about the fate of his family/friends/community/country/civilisation can, in this context, only support limited, discerning inter-civilisational immigration, going forward (e.g. selective, according to ethno-cultural comparability criteria)
    I agree with you 99%. I don't think we have Clash of Civilisations at the moment, but taking in migrants at such a massive rate without selectivity would definitely lead to it.

    If we suppose there is a way to determine "true refugees" from economic-migrants who use conflict opportunistically, then could we get anything back out of them? I'm personally not fond of just giving money to the homeless for the same reason - but if there is some economic value to their presence then it might not be all doom and gloom.

    If certain types of factories could be designed to run on an asylum-seeker workforce, somehow providing them highly compact and affordable accommodation, it's possible to pull outsourced jobs to China and India back - as long as they cost apprenticeship wage. If not, then give 'em work too difficult for British people at minimum wage.

    I suppose we can make their asylum claim conditional on literacy/numeracy/integration-with-our-culture, as long as it's not done in a way that contravenes the HRA.


    If we can use refugees the same way the US can use illegal Mexicans, that would be better than the way things are going.

    Well taking in genuine refugees who are fleeing real persecution satisfies a moral obligation we have. However the majority of these people aren't even Syrian, but rather are Pakistani/Afghan/Albanian etc pretending to be Syrian and taking them in provides absolutely no benefit what so ever.
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Updated: July 23, 2016
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