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Problems With Unite-Student After Checking Out Of Accomodation Avoid This Company

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    After checking out from a Unite building after the completion of my masters degree at the University of Huddersfield it was sent that there had been charges placed on my account deducted from my deposit. These charges were deliberately vaguely worded giving no information about the what the charges were for.

    Upon contacting the company they found that one of the charges was, according to evidence they had from previous years, in the same condition it had been in since 2013. For the other charges they said they would be looking at them again as the person i spoke to thought the person who checked out my room may have been too harsh in the charges and how they had charged a large amount of people for the same problem, indicating they are simply charging people for wear and tear, but was unable to change them immediately. I then a few days later emailed them in order to receive an update on what had happened regarding these charges and what would happen regarding the one I had been informed had been dropped already and request for photos they have regarding the damage i was supposed to have caused.

    They then took one full week to reply to me where they told me that they were currently too busy to deal with my request but would get back to me by Monday (18th July) So far I have received no further communication from them and it has been two working weeks since I originally emailed them asking for an update.

    After having spoken to other people living with Unite Students every single one of them has had some charge applied to their account despite us all passing inspections throughout the year. This company is acting in bad faith at best and worst potentially illegally if it is charging for wear and tear and avoiding dealing with disputes.

    Do not trust this company with your money. Assuming consistency on their behalf they are repeatedly charging people for the same damage and not fixing it vaguely wording and charges they apply to hope people do not dispute them and then avoiding communication with people trying to find out why they are charging them. And to anyone that is with this company on check out question everything they say as they are making questionable charges of accounts.

    bring this up to your deposit protection scheme, especially if you have pictures showing the 'damage' at the start and end of tenancy to demonstrate it's not your fault
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Updated: July 23, 2016
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