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What makes a good F1?

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    (Original post by zippyRN)
    Realise that Nurses are potentially your best friends and your worst enemies - there are nurses who might 'only' be a band 5 but they know more aobut the speciality and the patients than you will ever have chance to learn unless you come back to thatspecialisty as Specialist trainee in a few years time.
    As per this.
    The nursing hierarchy can be very skewed compared to doctors. You can hav very young and hopeless ward sisters, promoted because of talented brown nosing rather than skill, and extremely talented and intelligent band 5s who could easily run the whole place if they cared to.

    Never disregard an opinion based on the level of the person giving it to you.

    (Original post by seaholme)
    . And ideally to have already checked the most relevant bits of each, like coagulation if you're ringing for a CT Head after somebody has bumped themselves and so on.
    Interestingly with time you start to identify the useless detail. Like the coag if you are ordered a CT Head. Very rarely useful given the increased prevalence of DOACs nowadays and fact that NICE guidance is for paeople on anticoagulation and is not limited to those whose INR is above x.

    That said the mere announcement of my name and title immediately makes it more likely I will get a scan with next to no detail compared to an F1.
    I do recall feeling like you have battled hard for a scan in an utterly crystal clear case as a house officer though.
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