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Have I got a 2:i or a First?

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    So I have just received my grades and among them are two firsts (75%) and two high 2:i (66%) in two modules which are regarded to be among the hardest in the degree that I am currently siting (BA History and Archaeology). These grades
    correspond to modules which are at level 6, thus making them Honours courses in which I have averaged a First this year with 70.5 and which do count towards my final degree classification, as according to my BA Handbook, "all modules at Levels 5 and 6 are weighted, so that a Level 5 module will be worth half as much as a Level 6 module" and that "the classification of honours degrees will be based on te arithmetical mean of all the weighted results for completed modules for your
    Group 2s, Group 3 and dissertation(levels 5 and 6)". However, I also sat another module, but this time one that does not
    actually count towards my overall degree classification but which did manage to bring down my overall average for year
    from a 70.5% average to 69%. My inquiry is the following: even though I got a 69%, or a 2:i, after taking into account all my grades, even the one that doesn't count towards my final degree classification, in the ones that do count I have a 70.5, ergo a First. Bearing in mind all of this, what does this mean? Did I get a first or a high 2:1?

    You quote the handbook, but I don't think you've actually understood whath it means. I don't believe the module that doesn't count has lowered your average. You state your handbook says "a Level 5 module will be worth half as much as a Level 6 module". You have 2 Level 5 modules at 75%, and 2 Level 6 modules at 66%. Therefore, this means your weighted average is 69% [=(0.5*75 + 0.5*75 + 66 +66)/3]

    Whether your university will allow you to get a first at 69% is dependent on your own unis procedures, often if you meet other requirements they'll bump you up. Does your degree only count final year in the classification?

    Even if you have got a 2.1, that is still a huge achievement. Very frustrating to be so close to a first and I can understand that after being borderline between merit & distinction on a unit for my Access course (tutor said distinction, external moderator said merit). With you being so close, you might be offered a remark which would be worth doing. I'd be sure if the module that doesn't count towards your degree was included in the averaging.

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    What do you mean by it doesn't count?

    It would depend on the rest of your grades, you need to tell us all your grades or at least yearly averages excluding pass/fail and extra credit modules.

    I'm a little confused. If the module doesn't count towards your degree classification then why are you including it in your degree average? That doesn't make much sense?

    Also, if you do end up with a 69. I feel for you because that's what I've just graduated with :emo:
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Updated: July 23, 2016
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