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End of year abroad in Japan- feelings

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    Hi there. Thanks for reading. This question concerns my year abroad in Japan but please feel free to answer regardless of where you studied in the world

    I'm a third year student of French and Japanese who is currently on his year abroad. I've spent the year studying in Kyoto at a university on a langiage course. I've got less than three weeks left before I go home and am a little worried about whether I'm ready to progress on to 4th year.

    I've made a lot of progress while studying in Japan, and can see massive improvements in my many areas, particuarly my speaking ability. I'm far from perfect but I can hold a conversation (when I first arrived I didn't really say anything because I was worried about being wrong. I made a lot of effort to practice my Japanese and I can see results. Overall I would say I'm a good n3 level. I took the N3 exam a few weeks ago but don't know the results yet so I have no idea how I did.

    However, even though I've made this amount of progress. I'll still worry I'm not good enough for final year. A lot of my friends in my classes here were stronger than me in many areas, and I was wondering if this feeling was normal at then end of the year abroad, and how to deal with it. I'm still planning on intensively studying by myself in England before final year starts to work on a few of my weaker points. So basically, are these feelings normal?

    Thanks a lot, and sorry if I sound like I'm bragging here- it's not my intention.

    Thanks again.

    (Original post by 584forest)
    So basically, are these feelings normal?

    I studied abroad, (engineering, not languages but I'll give my two cents), and I had a similar thought process. There's a lot of doubt and uncertainty with returning because you don't know the level of others back at your home university. However, your university must've been linked with your host university, so they must be aware of the classes you took and have a good idea of the level of those classes. Because of that, you should be near enough at the same level.

    For me, there were some areas where I was way ahead in, and others where I was a little bit behind. This really only affected me positively, though. I'm aware languages may well be different, so I'd recommend contacting your home university and trying to gauge the level you should currently be at. That way, if necessary, you can speed up on topics/classes you missed out on.

    Also, remember that you studied abroad which is going to help you MASSIVELY. It's not just the classes you took, but the experience as a whole which will have a big impact on your CV, too.

    Hope this helps!

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