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My boyfriend doesn't make me feel special - been together for a month.

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    Okay, basically before me and my boyfriend actually became official... in my eyes he was the perfect guy (because we were best friends before). He would never do anything to annoy me and I genuinely thought I'd marry this person. Even when we were just friends, we would have meals together and make a lot of effort to see me. However, since we've only been together for a month.. most of the time I've been crying a lot. To set the scene, it's currently summer which means we have a lot of free time, which I thought we would use up a lot, because we're both going to different universities in September (so we should be making the most of the time we've got). Btw we already talked about long distance before and both agreed we were willing to make it work. I had a conversation with him last week telling him I haven't been happy this was mainly because I only see him once a week (twice if lucky) and he's never bothered to come to my house or anything. Since being together we've only been on one date! and after that meal he literally messaged his best mate to hang.. which made me feel like ****. He just doesn't make me feel special and wanted, like he was perfectly fine with seeing me once a week??! and it's terrible when my friends are like awww I bet you guys can't keep your hands off each other.. cause it's literally the opposite. it's literally small things he does too like, he's never offered to pay for anything, once he ordered pizza and I had to walk to a cash point to pay him back. He never says good night.. just goes offline like I don't even mean anything. When I got upset about never hanging, nothing changed and he never offered to see me the next day even though he had free time. When I told him I cried.. it really affected him and he told me that he couldn't believe he made me more sad than happy. He said that morning after he was feeling "fed up" and still hasn't come clean to what he was "fed up" about which is annoying af. I just don't get it, I feel like he's pushing me away and I don't feel like he even wanted this relationship because it was me who asked him to be relationship, which I hated cause I literally dreamt of himasking me so I knew for sure. It's weird thought because now and again he tells me that he misses me and I just sit here like... why don't you see me then??! I've stopped arranging things to see if he actually makes an effort. I just feel so unwanted, especially when all my other friends get to see their boyfriend 4 times a week! like I would understand if I couldn't see him when we're at university because there's something physically stopping us but here... there's nothing. And the last time I tried to meet up with him, he literally sent back "I'll keep you posted" like ) okay sure, don't go out of your way to see your girlfriend.

    Leave him, he's not interested

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    He clearly doesn't deserve you, there will be plenty of guy's at your university.

    I've never understood the mentality of some girls. Why do they date jocks and moan when they treat them like **** because they are jocks :dontknow:

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Updated: July 24, 2016
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