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Is it bad to go to a non-Russell Group uni?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by Lord Samosa)
    Not all Russel Group uni's are better than every non-RG uni, my uni was higher ranked than a quite a few RG uni's for my course. (And yes, I had offers from RG uni's, I chose not to go to them)

    And despite going to a non-RG uni, I still got a good job, and so my did my course mates, some getting jobs at some of the biggest companies.

    So no, going to a non-RG uni isn't going to be a disaster, it's just a weird TSR obsession with them. (And why trust kids who haven't even gone to uni or entered the world of work yet? They just look for reasons to make themselves feel better than others)

    I've NEVER seen an employer ask for a RG uni degree, or favour them.
    Whilst all that you say is correct, I actually have seen an employer favour RG degrees (law firm) - though I thought that was ridiculous.

    (Original post by Ladbants)
    Cut arias science isn't really science, it's more maths and finance related.
    Haha rip me. And this is why I'm not going to uni to study either. Thanks for correcting me though, my bad.

    In actuarial science you will find some employers to be slightly elitist and biased in your initial applications. You may find it slightly more difficult than others to secure your first post or graduate opportunity. There are many things you can do over the next 3 years to ensure that this effect is basically negligible: work experience, extra courses/curriculars or passing some of the actuarial exams before graduating. You'll also find many employers are now using blind applications (so degree name is blanked out to recruiters) or competency based application processes (so they set their own tests and use them rather than academic background).

    For anyone of substance, the above effect is to be such that I would not worry about where you study. Once you have a graduate job, your degree name won't mean anything. Your experience, exam passes and talent will be far more important.

    (Original post by monkyvirus)
    Well I went to St Andrews (a non-RG) and I'm starting a PhD at Cardiff (a RG). St Andrews entrance requirements for a PhD were actually higher, which is why I didn't stay! For my undergraduate degree the requirements were the same.

    The RG, like the Ivy League, is a convenient shorthand for "good" universities but the actual criteria to belong in these groups isn't good teaching, student satisfaction, etc. so it doesn't tell you whether they're good for undergraduate students.

    No one cares about your undergraduate uni once you've graduated, not even for PhD studies. They care about you: how you performed, how you seem in interview, etc.
    I completely agree. Now days, for PHD applications or employers. Experience and you as a person are more important than where you did your degree.

    I went to my uni as I had to stay at my parents - non-russell group and people who graduated with me are going on to work at elite firms/companies/study elsewhere etc. It makes no difference, as long as your uni has a good reputation it is fine.
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Updated: July 31, 2016
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