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Is it too late?

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    Hiya. So after a while i have come full circle and settled on the fact that i want to be a vet. My problem is that im about to start year 12, and have done no work experience towards the degree as it took me so long to realise this is what i want to do.

    Is it too late to start now? Im not sure i'd be comfortable taking a gap year, and im scared my faffing in regards to degree choice has prevented me from getting onto any vet med course.

    I am in the exact same position. In September I start year 13, and I didn't realise until just before September of year 12 that I was capable of applying for vet school and should go ahead.

    To this date, I have 2 weeks in a veterinary practice, 1 day in a veterinary physiotherapy, 1 week in an animal sanctuary and 3 days at cat shelter.
    I have 1 more week in a vets planned this August and 2 weeks husbandry planned for October.

    I am going to take a gap year to get more work experience, but I wouldn't say it puts us at a disadvantage.

    At the end of the day, when you attend an interview, they don't care how long you have wanted to be a vet for.

    Not too late at all, a lot of people start getting experience around this time. You have plenty of holidays until October 2017, just make sure you use them wisely (especially summer), and get as much variety as possible; that's more important than sheer volume. I'd suggest trying to get placements at a couple of vet practices (large and small if possible), a couple of food producing farms, a kennel/cattery and a stable. Don't forget you can do weekly placements every weekend/after college to get your numbers up, if you need to. Between starting year 12 and applying, I did 22 weeks of placements at four vet practices, a kennel/cattery, lambing x2, an animal shelter, a lab, a zoo, a stable and I worked every Sunday on a farm, which would have been enough without the stuff I did in year 11 (indeed, some universities won't count experience that's too old), so it's definitely possible!

    Best of luck!
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    Im so so much more at ease now thank you. 🐶🐶😽

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Updated: July 24, 2016
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