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Narrow shoulders + wide hips/small frame= looking as bad as a non lifter

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    Feeling pretty **** as i now realise everything im doing is a waste of time as i will end u looking as **** as someone else who has a good frame. This almost always applies to ectomorphs like myself. Mesmo and endo dont look as ****. i have narrow shoulders, and hips which arent considerably smaller so im just a | doing down. its pretty much impossible to get a decent v taper without a decent bone frame which is depressing as ****. if you have narrow shoulders and poor bone structure in general you will look like **** and literally lean non lifters will look better than you.
    and in before you say i havent even lifted before. i have gone to a gym for nearly 2 and a half years i have made obvious improvements since i started and i do look better (currently 90KG at whatever bodyfat on a bulk) but feel sad as **** knowing i will always look kind of *****y due to my genetics.
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Updated: July 24, 2016
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