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Brussels bloc 'to BAN British students from foreign exchange study after Brexit'

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    BRITISH students could face the “tragedy” of being excluded from a foreign exchange university programme as the EU hits back after Brexit.

    Students can currently choose to study in a European university under the popular Erasmus scheme, which sees more than 15,000 applications every year.

    But now the programme’s UK director has warned that the Brussels bloc could kick out British university-goers in the next few years in response to the Brexit vote.

    Ruth Sinclair-Jones said: “We face a sad moment of uncertainty, after 30 years of this enrichment of so many lives.”

    Worryingly, the end to British participation in the scheme could hit the wallets of UK universities.

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    Erasmus isnt part of EU funding. It doesnt depend on being a member of the EU.

    So the entire story is the usual Express xenophobic sensationalism based on spin and not on fact.

    Try reading a more serious newspaper.

    It's the Daily Express, which is about as reliable as a handwritten note on a sheet of toilet paper.

    (Original post by MildredMalone)
    Oh noes.

    Maybe to balance the books, the universities could cancel the *******s Gender Studies "degrees" and their ilk.
    Those degrees are almost pure profit though.

    (Original post by TercioOfParma)
    Those degrees are almost pure profit though.
    Exactly. What piss poor logic MildredMalone
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Updated: July 24, 2016
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