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British ex-Jihadi in appeal not to join IS.

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    TL;DW (also found in YouTube description)

    In this powerful film, Abu Muntasir tells the story of how he decided to travel for Jihad in Afghanistan, the traumatic reality of what faced him there and why he changed his mind and recognised the true interpretation of the Qur'an. Join our movement of British Muslims against ISIS: start filming, raise your voice. Together we will crush ISIS propaganda. #OpenYourEyes is working with young people, activists, bloggers and filmmakers to raise our voices against ISIS.

    My personal thoughts:

    So this guy Abu Muntasir is an ex-militant who turned his back on Jihad, and is appealing to those thinking of joining IS, and those who might already have travelled to Iraq and Syria to turn away from fruitless vengeance.

    Muntasir's plea is truly inspirational, and I believe this is the way we can tackle fundamentalism and rid the Middle-East of the IS scourge.

    The only way we can tackle terrorism is through intelligence and better inter and intra community relations.

    I've seen this pop up when I've been on Youtube. Good stuff. There's a tendency among certain elements to denounce those who speak against certain things as Uncle Toms but they can't really do it with this guy. Then again, Maajid Naawaz is widely held in disdain by lots of mainstream Muslims while cockroaches like Moazzem Begg (him of CAGE the terrorist sympathising group) are not and Zakir Naik is revered so maybe not.............

    Still, I'd like to see more of campaigns like this.

    It's a bit worrying if a former jihadist is living in the UK.

    he should get rid of that silly beard.
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Updated: July 24, 2016
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