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My road to Oxford [BLOG]

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    Hi people,

    I am applying to Oxford for biological sciences and here I will be presenting how my application process is going (on weekly basis). I'll be talking about my grades, expectations, experiences, interview (If i get it) and a bunch of things...

    This is my story (until now)

    (Original post by BioOx)

    Here am I stressed perusing through every bit of each Oxford thread. I am devastated and extremely worried. Each year I've been working my *** off just to achieve my dreams and I was doing it pretty well and doing so still. I want to acquire a dream , as the majority of us wants to...being able to study at Oxford. I have received a tremendous support from my family and I am grateful for that.
    I love studying and pushing my mind further the limits and believe it or not sciences mean everything to me. They are my dream, my passion and my love and doing things that I like in a wonderful place such as Oxford is priceless to me. If you were to ask me what is my main hobby I would say:"Doing sciences".

    As you can probably assume I am an international (non-EU) student and I do not have numerous chances of getting a scholarship in UK (except of Oxbridge [>] and UCL[<]). Last year I won a scholarship and I am able to finish my last 2 years in an awesome school. Currently doing IB. I am planning to apply to St. Hugh's for biological sciences. My predicted is going probably to be 39 with 7 in Bio HL and 6 in Chem HL and English. Throughout my academic year I constantly received straight 7s (>90%) but my mock exams were not good because of extenuating circumstances. I tried to explain to my teacher why I did not achieve a good score on my mocks but he was not eager to understand me. Still I convinced him to give me an exam in of the whole year (but at that moment he had a weird facial expression as he was like telling me: " No matter what I am going to give you a 6" This really dampened my enthusiasm down and now I am really stressed since I think that grade is going to make it or brake it. Now be honest do you think that Oxford will accept me with the minimum of 766 that I have? There is one clear answer: NO. I have decided that I am going to suprise my teacher and instead of sitting a 1st year exam I am going to ask for the whole syllabus exam.

    I think that only IB can lower my chances of getting into Oxford since my extracurricular and past academic achievements and grades were top notch. Here they are:

    First place Primary school competition in Physics (prt. National Olympiad)
    First place Gymnasium competition in Biology
    First place Gymnasium competition in Geography (prt. National Olympiad)
    Diploma for exemplary results in my primary school (equivalent to 11*A in GCSE)
    Honors student in 9th and 10th grade for the best achieved results in the generation
    Participant of an International Science Challenge (biology)
    Summer School for gifted students in Chemistry
    Head of a school group of Bioinformatics
    Work experience in Bioinformatics Institute in my country
    Work experience in professional Laboratories
    Supervisor of the Chemistry Labs

    Awarded the best delegate in a conference for environmental sustainability

    Robotics programming and hardware development
    What am I planning to do in he next weeks:

    IELTS on 4th of August
    Study chemistry (still I do not know will I be able to sit the exams)
    Work in a lab
    Read a book (Richard Dawkins)
    Finish my PS
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Updated: July 24, 2016
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