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    I`m currently in a huge dilemma where I`ve applied to both music at York and Music at Huddersfield. I`ve had to put my reply to my offer in this past week and currently I`m unsure if I`ve done the right choice.

    York was an amazing Uni with everything I expected from a good department and music scene yet the course was not necessarily ideal to my strengths and had a lot of academic writing and demand which although I`m fine with, don`t necessarily want and don`t feel capable of. I hadnt been able to study A-level music etc

    Huddersfield however had a very good course that was ideal for my needs, they had a good department however the university on a whole (including its music scene and societies) isnt as good as expected- not near York standard as its much smaller and doesn't have as many opportunities regardless of Leeds being close by.

    I cant pick between the two but initially I wanted to go to York for the University and although the course wasn`t as ideal it would be interesting. However now I`m thinking that the course maybe more important and that should be my main priority .

    Any advice would be deeply appreciated as this decision is tearing me in two!



    York. Degree will probably give you more transferable skills and I believe it's more highly regarded.
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    (Original post by ScienceFantatic)
    York. Degree will probably give you more transferable skills and I believe it's more highly regarded.
    Thanks for your post! I`m not sure - my area of interest - theatre and film composition was more heavily regarded at Huddersfield and had specialist teachers in that field. York had more academics who were more focused on contemporary compositions and electro acoustic work. The course at Hud focused on a variety of practical skills in recording and mixing aswell as academic features of pure music
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