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Masters or PhD funding dilemma

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    Hi i have quite a dilemma and was hoping for some advice.

    I was hoping to apply for an MPhil via progression to PhD. Having looked at the postgraduate loan eligibility, MPhils are eligible but only on their own. Therefore if i want the funding I cant progress to PhD as i wont be eligible.

    I know there is likely to be funding for phd students, but not until 2018.

    So the question is...do i complete a standalone Mphil now with funding, and complete a phd later? Or do i wait until 2018 whrn i can get a phd loan?
    I could just forget about the loan altogether but it would mean being skint for the next 6 years!

    Whether or not getting an MPhil is a good idea is really field dependent. In my field for example it's seen as a failed PhD which is not what you want! Why not do an MRes instead or even an MSc and then think about the PhD? It'll definitely help with PhD admissions.
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    Thanks for the advice! Yeah ive seen lots about the mphil being seen as a failed phd which i obviously dont want.

    Ohh ive not thought about doing an Masters by research. It seems quite similar to the mphil what is the main difference?

    Again very dependent on subject but in my field it looks like you usually do an MPhil if you're upgrading to a PhD though you can exit with just the MPhil. I think it's something in between an MSc and an MRes in that you spend some time being taught as you would in an MSc and some time doing research as you would in an MRes. The amount of taught time is less than an MSc but more than an MRes and the amount of research time is more than an MSc but less than an MRes. With an MRes you may also have to do more than one project or rotations which may or may not be the case with an MPhil. I think the short answer is that it varies so check with unis you're interested in.
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Updated: July 25, 2016
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