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Should I take a gap year and reapply to Oxbridge/LSE?

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    Hi guys, I'm caught up in a bit of a dilemma. I'm a 2016 IB graduate, and recently received my results. They read as follows:
    HL: Maths 7, Economics 7, German B 7
    SL: English Literature 7, Psychology 7, Biology 6
    EE (Economics): A ( score of 35 out of 36)
    T.o.K: A,
    which totals to 44 points. Unfortunately I missed out the entire section A in my Biology paper 3, which was unfortunate as it prevented me from getting a shot at the 45.
    Anyway, I'm an Oxbridge and LSE reject, which I believe was largely due to the fact that my GCSE grades were weak (4 A*s, 4As, 3Bs, as opposed to an average of 10 A*s at the Cambridge college I applied to) compared to other candidates, as well as the fact that my predicted grades may have appeared inflated due to prior performance (I was predicted 44 with an A in EE and B in T.o.K). Now that I have marginally exceeded my predictions, and have grades on paper, I'm considering my options. I met my offer to study Economics at UCL, which is obviously a fantastic course at a brilliant uni. But I think that with a solid gap year, I would have an extremely good chance at making it at LSE, maybe less so at Oxbridge due to the uncertainty regarding admissions testing and the interview, although I think I'd also have a fantastic chance at making it there too, which I never would have thought possible after my performance at GCSE level. So what should I do? I've always wanted to study in the City, and UCL offers me a chance to do that. I also appreciate the fact that UCL sets the standard in research quality, and the fact that it offers a very mathematical course, more so than the other top institutions. However the prestige and reputation of LSE and the two Oxbridge unis is a real pull, and its been an ambition of mine for a long time to study at one of those unis. On the other hand, if I do reapply and fail to make it again, then I'll have missed out on an opportunity to read Economics at a great uni.
    Any advice?
    I appreciate any input, thanks in advance

    I think course and the experience from it tops prestige and the like which seems to be your main reason for wanting to study at LSE/Oxbridge. There's nothing stopping you from applying to UCL again next cycle along with LSE/Oxbridge so have a think about whether that's what you really want. A gap year is always a good thing if you make good use of it and can make yourself a stronger candidate.

    I wouldn't bother tbh. You've obviously got really good IB results but both LSE and oxbridge applications hugely depend on personal statement and intervews respectively.
    UCL is very good and there will be very few areas where it will hold you back. Banks/big firms all recruit from lse, oxbridge, warwick and UCL as their main targets so the prestige factor shouldn't matter too much.
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Updated: August 1, 2016
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