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Pokemon Go question

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    I have 4 Pidgeottos in my poke index: 180CP, 170, 98 and 97.

    I want to get rid of 3 of them as I don't like duplicates in my collection - but have I missed the point here? Is there a reason why I would need more than 1?

    I will probably never have enough Pidgeotto candies to evolve them to the next level, so why keep them? I may as well hand them back to Professor Willow

    You're partly missing something. There's no real drawback to keeping multiples either, unless they're actually taking up necessary space.

    You won't need Pidgeotto candies to evolve them. They use Pidgy candies. An evolution line uses the candies of it's basic evolution. And given how common Pidgy is you shouldn't have any trouble finding enough candies to evolve them all.

    But imagine you kept the 2 highest Pidgeotto. Maybe you end up with 2 Pidgeot (not unreasonable). And maybe you put one in a gym. You go to challenge another gym and wish you had a flying type. Well you do because you have that second one. Maybe you keep all 4. Maybe you put all 4 in different gyms. That's fine too.

    You don't really benefit or lose out from having just one. If you really want to get rid of all but one though consider which of the top 2 you ditch. It might seem obvious to keep the 180CP but maybe the 170CP has better moves.

    Having multiple high level Pokemon is the entire idea of the game. Even if those Pokemon are the same. You're free to drop them in multiple gyms or keep some with you for battles. Later on when trading is introduced you also get trade fodder.

    As you progress through the levels you'll walk into higher CP level Pokémon, as well as low level.

    For the example of pidgey and its evolutions, I would transfer all you lowest CP pidgeys so that you can get pidgey candy to power up your higher level pidgeys ready for evolution to Pigeotto.

    Remember to max out pidgeys before evolving.


    AFAIK it's useless to evolve or train any Pokémon up at all until you reach around level 20-25 because the CP of the Pokémon you catch scales with your level.

    Say, for example, I catch an Eevee with 10CP. I want to evolve it, so I pump it full of Stardust to level it (although whether you should level then evolve, or evolve and then level, is another matter entirely) whilst catching more to get the Candy from transferring them required to evolve it. And during said catching, I catch one that has 200CP. See what I mean?

    Ultimately, it depends on what you're hoping to achieve: are you going to use those Pidgeotto's to challenge a gym, or are they merely part of the collection?
    If it's the former, then paying attention to their moveset can be quite important (although I've heard that the moves can change after an evolution, which throws everything up in the air a bit).
    Some have said that a Pokémon with two types of moves (for Pidgeotto, Normal and Flying are most likely) is handy because of the versatility if offers... that being said, a Bulbasaur with a Normal move wouldn't get the STAB bonus from it (because it's a Grass Pokémon and not a Normal one).

    Tl;dr: so many factors, so little time.
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