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Applying for veterinary medicine courses

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    I've be told you should only apply to 4 veterinary courses. Which course should I apply for, for my fifth choice. Should I choose a completely different subject like sport or should I apply for another veterinary related course? What have other people done in the past? I really don't know!!

    You can only apply to four veterinary courses using UCAS. It isn't really a case of what you 'should' do. You have no choice.

    If you're 100% dead set on being a vet, and you'd reapply if you didn't get in, then you don't have to put a fifth choice at all. If there's any chance that you might want to do something else, or if you're not confident that you'd get in directly from A levels, then bioveterinary science and zoology are popular choices that will make you eligible to follow the graduate route at some vet schools, if you end up choosing to do so.

    Be aware that you send the same personal statement to all the universities that you apply to, so applying for a completely different subject isn't that common. I'd recommend against adding sport/another subject sections into your PS to make it relevant to other subjects, since that will compromise how dedicated to vet med you appear
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Updated: July 24, 2016
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