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RAF Personnel Support Officer - Specialist Training

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    Hi All,

    My first post here.

    I am applying for Personnel Support Officer and have my filter interview soon. Having searched endlessly through threads and hundreds of google searches I have still not found the answer I need. I need to know what happens during specialist training at Worthy Down (post IOT), much more detailed than the information I have found so far:

    - 9 Weeks at Defence School of Personnel Administration, Worthy Down.
    - Training included HR, finance, management (personnel and estate).

    Any information would be amazing, or any clues on where to look for more information, as I am currently at a loss, and really want to have this information ready for my filter interview.


    Hi, I have no more clue than you do, but a very quick search resulted in this - don't know if you've already found it.

    Short of finding someone who actually is a PSO and asking them, I would go with the information you have on the RAF Careers site and literature from the AFCO. If there is a curriculum available, then they'll ensure that you have it - I don't believe you're expected to conduct in depth research to extract information buried deep in the www.

    For the purposes of the filter interview, I would imagine that you would be asked about your understanding of the role of PSO that you will have read about on the careers site. The training at Worthy Down will simply prepare you for the various facets of that role and enable you to put it into practice using scenarios and role playing.

    I'm sure Prostacker will assist you with a bit more detail, but go with the flow if and when you get to the Phase 2 course.



    Some very basic information on the Pers Branch Phase 2 course:

    Split into three weeks:

    1 - 3 weeks - Looks at Adjt and VPO (Visits and protocol), defence writing, adventurous training, policy, management and a consolidation exercise at the end.
    2 - 2 weeks - Accounts, service funds, operational accounts.
    3 - 4 weeks - DOA, Branch awareness, Ex wise owl, management and branch issues, projects, inf, media, serv discipline, presentations and grad!
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