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Personal Statement for primary education?

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    I'm really struggling to write my PS - I have all my ideas;
    - I've wanted to be a teacher from the age of 5 or 6, I used to play pretend with one of my best friends and we would spend hours pretending to teach classes, making powerpoints and things to use as resources for our "class", I even used to print off resources ad use them around my bedroom (Obviously I don't want to put this in like this, but I do want to include this in my PS as it's been a passion of mine for years)
    - I've taken on work experience in a primary school with my target age group (I'm also looking to do a week or so early next school year so my experience is more up to date), taken on a leadership role as a year 7 ambassador & i'm looking to become a mentor next year
    - I've had a few really supportive teachers in primary school that encouraged me to learn & made me feel supported and fueled my love of learning, they're one of the reasons I want to teach, I want to pass on this love & help young children

    I also have some stuff about articles I've read and people I've spoken to - I've spoken to one of my family members about teaching (she's a teacher), but I'm really struggling to put this into words without sounding really stereotypical. Any ideas for how to do this?

    It's not necessary and is terribly cliched to say how long you've wanted to be a teacher for. Keep everything you mention within the last 2 years, at most

    Check out the guidance on how to write teaching PSs in the 'subject specific guidance' link below, and if you've got any specific questions, fire away
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Updated: July 24, 2016
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