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Muslim guy here - why don't I feel confident about giving affection?

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    Hi all,

    Anonymous posting here.

    So my parents are currently helping me find a partner. They basically introduce me to a girl and then we both meet under the auspices of our parents' consent.

    I haven't ever been in a relationship with a girl before. I have always wanted to wait for everything sexual/affectionate until I have found my partner. I suppose for some people this is too much, but it feels right to me.

    Here's the thing: Though I feel sexually attracted to the girls I meet, I'm actually completely hopeless in being affectionate. I can see how I come across not interested, and one of the problems is, being a Muslim, I don't really know what my boundaries are in terms of affection before marriage? I obviously don't want to overstep my mark but I don't want to be appear a bit stiff! (no pun intended!!)

    So Muslim girls/guys/anyone, any suggestions?

    Wait until you are married to get physical.

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    (Original post by samzy21)
    Wait until you are married to get physical.

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    Obviously, sex is completely out of the question.

    However, I would like to hold hands, hug and eventually cuddle before marriage lol :blush: , I would want to be 100% sure I am marrying someone who I am intimately compatible with. I hope that kinda makes sense

    How long do you know the girls before you want to start showing affection? I knew me gf for almost a year, before we got together. I don't know how your arranged meetings look like, but I wouldn't hurry with it. Just treat it like a normal date: talk, get to know each other, but don't push. First kiss is stressful, but you'll know when the right moment is once the conversation starts flowing, jokes become natural and you just enjoy the time you are spending together. There is no trick to it, at least I'm not aware of one

    ^I should have probably mentioned that I'm not Muslim, however Muslims can't be drastically different from anyone else in that matter, can they?
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Updated: July 25, 2016
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