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Hacking stories and computer forensics

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    I'll be starting a course in Computer Forensics in September and wanted to hear some of your stories related to hacking, what you've done and how you've done it.

    Shoutouts to anyone on similar courses, how do you find it, what are you doing and do you have any tips?

    Not personally hacked. However, I work in IT and one of our customers recently had their e-commerce website hacked, and all the traffic was diverted via their DNS to some random person in China, as well as the normal location. We only found this out when the SSL certificate was invalid and wasn't sure what was happening. Big, scary world out there.. they target anyone!

    I remember when we used to play around with the old school ways of pulling out database content with sql inject or logging without knowing the password by breaking input's code structure, haha, fun times man, fun times.Those were some of the easiest ways that most people know (or should know ?!) but if you're up to more stressing matters, you can imagine waiting days to bruteforce a password or having your older cousin write emails for fishing cause obviously you were too young and dumb to spell, lol

    Anyway as I am gonna study forensic computing and security myself, I have second thoughts on posting this kind of stories so I'll hold for the moment.
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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