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Student finance asking for proof of my identity [question]

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    Hello, I have received letter from student finance saying that unfortunately they cannot accept a photocopy of my passport. And that if i travel within 4-6 then i shouldn't send them passport as they cannot guarantee it will be returned within this time and to send it after i have traveled. The problem is that i need my passport all time as i just returned from travel but at the end of summer I'm traveling again so i need my passport till the end of summer as well as in September [end of it], so i need my passport at all times and i cannot send it to them by post as its risky. Is there anyway i can do it personally ?, do they have any office in London that i could go and show my passport? Or is there any other way to do it ?Thanks !

    Have you phoned them and told them this?
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    No, I think i will do this today Thanks

    Hi i3arty

    If you are a UK national, you can send a passport details form. If you are an EU national, you can send a certified copy. If you are non-UK/EU we require the original passport. If you need it for travelling we would advise you to send it when you have finished travelling. This may mean payments are not made on time.

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    Hi Mark,
    I have one more question. I managed to call student finance and talked with some paul and he said that i need also some evidence that i was living here e.g letter from my secondary school saying i was from 2009-2012 and then i tried to say that i need my passport as im traveling end of summer and then for few days in September so i need it but it somehow disconnected and i don't want to spend another 10 min trying to get to someone so i ask here. I managed to login into student finance website as i couldnt do it yesterday as it was error coming up. It says that the finance is for ''2016/2017 full time computer science with games technology, but i think i wont be accepted for it as it was mistake choice and i wanted just computer science without games and im getting DDD and they require D*DD. The lady said i can change it on the first year but i already applied for student finance for CS with games and i might not be accepted for it, i'm confused a bit i don't know what to do.
    Im EU national
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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