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    Hey guys, I hope you are all well and having a great summer!
    I've been sort of confused and a bit paranoid about what to expect with results, I am currently studying Audiology at Middlesex University and have just about completed my first year. I had a total of 5 modules this year and have passed all of them except for resitting one of them which was physics that I hate with a passion lol and still waiting on the result. I'm not sure with the ruling and all but I thought maybe some of you may go to the same uni and maybe know what the outcome of failing one module would be. Would we be able to resit and progress further? I'm honestly just thinking of the worst that could happen. But I was just hoping that I could get some sort of help or advice to make me feel a bit relaxed? I will be going on holiday as well soon and would feel at ease if I knew what's to come. It's been a fantastic year I give you that we got the oppurtunity to go on placement and work side by side various audiologists and observe and deal with real patients. I admit balancing that and exams was tough that's probably why I am a bit worried with it all. So any advice with organisation skills would be great too!


    Every uni will do it differently so your best bet is to ask your tutor or check the course handbook. If you've had one resit I suspect you won't get a shot at another.
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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