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BBC Headline; Syrian migrant killed in German blast

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    The headline has since been changed, but I think this really shows just what the mindset of these 'non-conclusionists' is like.

    How are we in a position where politically bias people, who's world view doesn't correlate with the reality in which we live, are running public institutions who's main goal it is to write the news that helps the public form their opinions ?

    This, it seems to me, is the more immediate problem.

    Far left extremists, that are anything but liberal, leading a false narrative and using public money to spread it. These people, and there are many on this very site, are extreme in that their imagining of the world has been skewed completely, the cognitive dissonance is as bad as any Islamic motivated terrorist with ill conceived grievances and disillusions of eternal life for murdering innocents.

    There are flat world believing young earth creationists that are more lucid in their understanding of the subject, yet we don't associate this politically bias leading of the evidence with extremist behavior.

    I can't see a solution to this problem of Islam ever being dealt with until the people mentioned above are dealt with, and I can't ever see that happening in the UK. So I guess we get used to more of this, I pray to see something done about this in my lifetime.

    The BBC is deeply compromised by both establishment figures (Mi5) and their even more insidious Crony Capitalist puppeteers

    Was this before or after MSM found out it was a deliberate explosion?

    From what I've seen most of these attacks are not from Syrians, because many who have invaded Europe's borders are not from Syria, but all over the Middle East

    I wish people would stop making it out to be a Syrian refugee crisis from one country when it's more like half the continent

    Don't forget the many coming from Africa too

    I agree that BBC news coverage is appallingly biased and absurdly pro refugee, pro immigration, and refuses to make the link between Islam and terrorism.

    But I don't think it matters. They don't much influence public opinion which (according to polls) is resolutely anti refugee, anti immigration and sees very well the link between Islam and terrorism. In fact it could be that the risible BBC coverage of all these topics actually hardens attitudes. BBC reporters emoted on camera as the boats landed, their viewers were thinking "who is going to pay for all this, where are they going to live, what about the increased crime and terrorism?"

    They are living in a metropolitan bubble, speaking in an echo chamber. Of far less influence than they think, of far less importance.
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