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Final year: compelling personal reasons?

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    Hi everyone.

    So my current situation is I'm going to be re-doing my final year of my BA HONS Fine Art degree starting back in September. When i started my final year in the September previously, my health had been very poor and I was due a surgery in the January- due to my surgery and complications of a chronic disease I missed most of my last semester due to having to have time off to recover- when i went back i was advised to re do the year from scratch due to missing so much and my grades being affected. I applied for personal compelling reasons via post about 3 weeks ago now. I sent a letter explaining my situation- my medical health- a supporting letter from my guidance advisor- photographic evidence of my complications following surgery, copies of my hospital admittance letters, and also a copy of my surgery information. Ive yet to hear anything back and with september fast approaching im a little worried as I've no idea what i do from here?

    What would you advise?
    Im in need of funding for a full academic year to complete my degree. Cant seem to find any information online about how it works after sending your application,only information on how or what to send. How long should this take and will it mean i will have funding in time for the start of the year in september?

    Any help or advice would be awesome,



    It's difficult to answer how long it'll take because they're also having to deal with processing student finance applications for next year too. If you've not heard within 4-6 weeks, then phone up and ask what's going on.
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    Thanks, yeah I was going to call if i haven't heard by August 1st just because I'm cutting it so fine with starting back in September.

    Thanks for the advice anyway.
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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