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CIE IGCSE English Language Reading Paper Mark Scheme Question.

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    I sat the English Language CIE IGCSE Reading Paper in May. For the letter to the friend in the Reading Paper, I think I did well overall but I think my last paragraph was really bad. Past mark schemes tell me that the last bullet point is very subjective and involves a lot of imagination but there is usually a trend in answers from candidates. I put different answers to all of my friends, and I am pretty sure mine is wrong. However, I think all my other content was excellent. If all my other content was excellent but my last paragraph was not good, what mark could I get for Content, judging FROM THE MARK SCHEME I HAVE ATTACHED? Note that I gave all 3 bullet points equal focus but my last bullet point was just not well thought out.
    Also, would I lose a mark for signing off a letter to a friend with "Yours sincerely" rather than something like "See you soon", considering the person you are writing to is a friend.
    I know it is hard to tell what marks I would lose, and where, but I am really worrying about this, so anyone who can give me some useful information, I would be really grateful to! Please help me! I know there is nothing I can do now, but can someone please help?
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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