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Was a bit bored and decided to make a tier listing for all the universities in the UK

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    I tried to keep this asbalanced as possible, any feedback is appreciated

    Tier 1

    Self explanatory.

    University of Oxford

    University of Cambridge

    Tier 2

    Typically large universities with a huge range of faculties and an enormous research budget. They have big names and are considered quite elite in a wide variety of subjects. World class in the best sense of the word. These constitute of RGs+4.

    University of Birmingham

    University of Bristol

    Cardiff University

    Durham University

    University of Edinburgh

    University of Exeter

    University of Glasgow

    Imperial College London

    King's College London

    University of Leeds

    University of Liverpool

    London School of Economics& Political Science

    University of Manchester

    Newcastle University

    University of Nottingham

    Queen Mary, UniversityofLondon

    Queen's University Belfast

    University of Sheffield

    University of Southampton

    University College London

    University of Warwick

    University of York

    University of Bath

    Lancaster University

    Loughborough University

    University of St Andrews

    Tier 3

    Slightly smaller thantheir RG+4 bretheren, these unis aren't as well known but still enjoy respect in a good amount of fields, while also being looked upon favourably by employers. Couple years may go by and they could go up a notch. Great stuff all things considered.

    University of Aberdeen

    University of Dundee

    University of East Anglia

    University of Essex

    Heriot-Watt University

    Keele University

    University of Kent

    University of Leicester

    University of Reading

    Royal Holloway


    University of Strathclyde

    University of Surrey

    University of Sussex

    Swansea University

    Tier 4

    Excell in a smaller range of subjects, but are extremely proficient in what they do. They are usually smaller, but have tight links to where they need to.

    Aston University

    Bangor University

    Brunel University London

    City University London

    Coventry University

    Harper Adams University

    Royal AgriculturalUniversity

    Royal Veterinary College

    University of Stirling

    St. George’s

    University of the Arts,London

    Robert Gordon University

    Tier 5

    Are separated from Tier6 by having one or two stellar subjects, or a good track record in some other manner (such as work with industry). They aren't usually first choices, but are solid when they play to their respective strengths. A good amount of them are rising ex-polys.

    Abertay University (videogame tech)

    Aberystwyth University(politics)

    Bournemouth University(computer related media)

    Universityof Buckingham (medicine, english)

    University of Bradford(international relations, business) also fantastic graduate employment records

    Glasgow CaledonianUniversity (nursing, fashion, lots of service related subjects)

    De Montfort University(english, design related subjects)

    Falmouth University (arts)

    Goldsmiths (art and design)

    University of Hertfordshire(aerospace, history, business) very employability focused

    University of Hull(languages, health related)

    University of Lincoln (agriculture, health related)

    Northumbria University(business, the professions)

    Oxford Brookes(architecture, law)

    Plymouth University(marine, health professions)

    University of Portsmouth(health professions)

    University of Salford(media and journalism)

    Ulster University(biosciences, celtic studies, law, nursing, design)

    University of Derby(radiography)

    Edge Hill University (THEUni of the Year)

    University of Huddersfield(arts, social sciences)

    Kingston University (artand design, also renown for work with start-ups)

    Liverpool JohnMooresUniversity (sports sciences)

    ManchesterMetropolitanUniversity (education)

    Nottingham Trent University(creative arts, lots of employer links)

    Roehampton University(performance arts)

    Sheffield Hallam University(sports science, health & social care)

    Teesside University (healthrelated, digital tech)

    Norwich University of theArts (arts)

    University of Winchester(arts)

    University West of England(forensic sciences)

    Queen Margaret University(medicine related)

    Tier 6

    Neither here nor there.Average I suppose. Faculty quality is variable and the unis don't stand out toomuch. Might have good time or might not.

    University West of Scotland

    Birmingham City University

    University ofGloucestershire

    University for theCreativeArts

    Middlesex University

    Canterbury ChristchurchUniversity

    University of Westminister

    University of Cumbria

    Cardiff MetropolitanUniversity

    Bath Spa University

    Arts University Bournemouth

    University of Chichester

    Liverpool Hope University

    University of Northampton

    University of Brighton

    Edinburgh Napier University

    University of Chester

    University of Worcester

    University of Greenwich

    University of South Wales

    University of Central Lancashire

    Staffordshire University

    University of Sunderland

    University of West London

    York St John University

    Anglia Ruskin University

    Buckinghamshire NewUniversity

    Leeds Beckett University

    Southampton SolentUniversity

    London South BankUniversity

    Newman University

    St Mary's, Twickenham

    Bishop GrossetesteUniversity

    University of Bedfordshire

    University of Bolton

    University of WalesTrinitySaint David

    University of St Mark andStJohn

    Glyndwr University

    Tier 7

    Going here mightactually hurt you.

    University of East London

    London MetropolitanUniversity

    Tier 0

    Due to a differentapproach to teaching, these can't be ranked normally. They exist because theycater to certain people's needs and are very good at doing that.

    University of the HighlandsandIslands

    Open University





    (Original post by KardasDragon)


    Next time you're bored maybe use your time in a more productive way: http://helpfromhome.org/our-projects/help-from-school

    (Original post by KardasDragon)
    I tried to keep this asbalanced as possible, any feedback is appreciated


    Eh, I wouldn't necessarily say that London Met and UEL would harm your prospects that much.
    One of my uncles went to UEL to study economics in the 1990s and he has a successful career, mainly in banking as he has worked in Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and currently works for Lloyds.
    Same case with one of my aunts, who went to BCU and has worked for 3/4 of the Big 4 companies as a Tax Consultant, but I don't think the Big 4 really care that much.

    Obviously it's very different now, but university name is NOT everything.

    Bournemouth is good for Forensics too.

    (Original post by Nimrahk123)
    Bournemouth is good for Forensics too.
    Are you at Bournemouth studying Forensics?

    (Original post by *Stefan*)
    Are you at Bournemouth studying Forensics?
    Bournemouth developed the protocols for investigating mass graves that is now used worldwide - anyone involved in forensic archaeology knows that they're excellent at what they do

    maybe research all the universities, as you really do not know **** when it comes to little unis with stellar subjects. Gloucestershire is in you terms a tier 5 uni, as they have excelling subjects in at least 5 subjects. top 10 and top 5 for several subjects, so get your facts right dude.

    Surrey should be tier 2 easily. It has some of the best career prospects and the level of teaching is excellent. I would say its one of the best in tier 2. Oxford is really overrated atm and I believe that imperial should take its place.

    Doing a tier list correctly is impossible though.
    (I would also put Liverpool at tier 3)

    Tier 2 should probs be subdivided. Imperial obliterates QMUL for instance.

    do u even go to university

    City uni London needs to be in tier 2

    Haha, this is such a typical TSR thread.

    Appreicate your effort but everyone is gonna be arguing with you over your tiers and reasoning but on he most part it seems logical, but I would say Surrey should be higher up the rankings given it's decent employability rates ect

    no one cares

    (Original post by *Stefan*)
    Are you at Bournemouth studying Forensics?
    No, I'm looking at doing it though.

    There should be more in tier 7.

    wheres uea

    How did you come up with this? It is terrible :rofl:

    Birkbeck in tier 0, SOAS languishing in tier 3 (despite being more famous worldwide than most of the universities in tier 2), punishing excellent institutions like the RVC and Arts London just for being specialist (I guess the Courtauld was deemed to be irrelevant as it doesn't even make the list)... :facepalm::rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Snufkin)
    How did you come up with this? It is terrible :rofl:

    Birkbeck in tier 0, SOAS languishing in tier 3 (despite being more famous worldwide than most of the universities in tier 2), punishing excellent institutions like the RVC and Arts London just for being specialist (I guess the Courtauld was deemed to be irrelevant as it doesn't even make the list)... :facepalm::rolleyes:
    Birkbeck is tier 0 because they mostly do evening classes.

    SOAS is tier 3 because it does not have a fully fledged multi-faculty system. SOAS is very highly known in a small pool of subjects, and its slipping in others such as Law.

    If i put SOAS in tier 2 I would have to do the same for e.g Aberdeen because its the most famous petroleum uni apart from Imperial.

    Cortauld didn't make it because they only offer a single undergrad degree.

    I might move RVC, RAU, Arts London and the other specialised one up to tier 3, you do have a point there.

    I did do a huge amount of research though.
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Updated: September 6, 2016
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