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Loud neighbours

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    Im not sure if this is one for sexual health but for obvious reasons i am posting this anon.

    So, i live in student living apartments, and i have this really loud couple who lives above me, lately in the early hours of the morning they seem to be moving furniture and having sex. The final straw for me this morning when i went out and came back to my apartment they were having sex on their balcony.

    I genuinely dont know how to ask this couple to just take it down a notch so i can get some sleep and dont feel as though i am apart of their sex life.

    Much easeir if its uni accommodation.
    If its privately owned look at your tenancy, theirs should be the same and see what resutictions there are on noice. Slip a note under their door saying they are excessively noisy and would they mind keeping it down or laterntaively contact the LL or the Uni.
    Keep a diary of incidents. There should be a warden who cna go and have a word with them.

    From what i have been told it can be seen as anti social behavior and i have been told about people prosecuted for it.

    There's a special department in every city council to deal with anti social issues like these. Contact them to register your complaint. They'll send you a form which is a little bit of a diary where you'll have to record their nuisance events with date and time. Then you send the form back and they'll assign your case to a team. Takes some time but the outcome is worth it.

    Happened to me once with a neighbour who used to play loud music. My polite (anonymous) notes didn't fix the issue so I went the above route. Fortunately my case got given to a very good officer who visited the building (in uniform) and caught the guy red handed playing loud music (excellent timing) around lunch time. Handed him an official warning and told him that he'll only come one more time if he doesn't stop - to confiscate his equipment. But luckily he never had to visit again cuz my neighbour stopped. And he never found out who did it
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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