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    I am an Irish Medical Student applying to the Foundation Programme for the Aug 2017 start and am wondering if there are any good resources for comparing Foundation Programmes. Not having studied in the UK, I don't know the individual hospitals so I don't really know how I should be ranking them once the application system opens. Are there any website or documents where I can compare programmes based on which specialties they offer, preferably with input from current F1s as to how they are liking the programme? I just feel like I am ranking blindly without know anything about them. Do most people just choose the deanery where they most want to live?

    It is fairly blind IMO. I didn't want to stay put so I just did it by looking at the jobs in deaneries I was interested in, geographically how far I might have to travel between F1 and F2 and then also the combos of DGH/Teaching Hospital, whether you want both, one or the other.

    I did find this website: http://foundationschools.info

    However I have to say it's not that useful. There's not much information on there. Retrospectively, I may not have picked my job combination as I didn't have inside knowledge about particular departments/hospitals! But at the end of the day F1 is F1 is F1. I think there is an element of blindness in all of it. TSR is probably a good resource, if you narrow down to particular deaneries and what you want to do, I'm sure there are people on here who can give you some feedback and inside knowledge.

    (Original post by intlmedstudent)
    Do most people just choose the deanery where they most want to live?
    Pretty much.

    Unless you have fairly specific or ambitious career aspirations, what else would you need to take into account? The majority of specialities are offered in each deanery, but there's no guarantee you'll get your preferred job anyway so there's not a lot of point worrying about it. A lot of deaneries do have their foundation jobs viewable on their deanery website so you can see if they offer certain things that you're particularly interested in.

    It's worth having a nosey on foundation schools chooser to get an idea of where the hospitals are within each deanery, whether you'll be matched to a one or two year programme and things like that. But it's impossible to know what will end up being better for you since the biggest thing that will determine the quality of your personal experience is the department and staff that you'll be directly working with.

    So yeah it's pretty much blind lol

    Hi intlmedstudent – I’m Tanita from the GMC and I have some data that might be useful. Every year, we run a national training survey of doctors in training and trainers where they feed back on the quality of their local training.

    We published the data a few weeks ago. The online tool lets you search by foundation school and filter for different schemes. You can also compare by NHS trust/board and LETB/deanery.

    As seaholme mentioned above, getting inside knowledge from people who are already in or have completed the foundation programme is probably the best resource, but this data might be a good starting point!
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Updated: August 4, 2016
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