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Best method to learn French & Spanish?

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    I did French and Spanish to GCSE and absolutely loved them and got full marks in both. I took Spanish to AS but due to various reasons out of my control I couldn't continue it to A2.

    I'm currently doing medicine in uni but I really regret not continuing both French and Spanish to A2, as I enjoyed them so much and learning languages is such an important skill to have.

    I was wondering what the best way to learn these languages to an adequate fluency would be? I was considering signing up for a French course in a language school (not part of my uni) which says they'll prepare their students for DELF exams, which is £120 per 15 hours. Is it worth for signing up to such courses or is there a better way to teach myself for a cheaper price? Should I sign up to doing an A level?

    Ideally I want to be at the stage where I'd feel confident in approaching a native and having a basic conversation with them. Where and how shall I start?

    Many thanks in advance

    Hey there, personally I wouldn't pay for a course - but everybody learns in different ways and if you feel like you'd benefit from having a teacher to motivate you then go for it, but I don't think you'd learn quicker than if you spent your time wisely at home. There's a subreddit with a lot of great info (see here: https://www.reddit.com/r/languagelearning/wiki/index) and a bunch of resources. Ultimately if you have a passion to learn, you can spend time doing anything relevant to that language and inevitably your skills will improve. The quickest ways are often tedious and can kill your drive, e.g. sitting down and drilling vocab over and over again, so just find a method you enjoy and stick with it

    The fastest way to learn any language is to practice it with native speakers regularly, because it gives you the motivation and pressure (in a good way!) required to continue. I study french at the UEA and my speaking abilities were lagging behind big time, I could barely have a basic exchange. So I ended up booking regular language meetings on skype with various teachers and in 2 months I was a pretty fluent speaker, not perfect for sure, but I could now work effectively in the language and even went to a house party with people who only spoke french and had a great night out with them. I did around 3/4 hours a week on average for 8 weeks, with a mix of 30 min lessons and 1 hour lessons. The difference was amazing and now I’m starting German.

    (I used https://www.italki.com/i/ADeF0D (this is my invite link for which we would both get a lesson discount - no pressure to use it though ) they do all languages and you don’t need to subscribe, just book lesson by lesson. But there are others with subscriptions like www.rype.com too which also looks good but I’ve not tried it yet, it only does French and Spanish)
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Updated: July 27, 2016
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