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Is America really the greatest country in the world anymore?

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    (Original post by bolly_mad)
    Well there's a whole other debate over which is more applicable, nominal or PPP GDP. I can't quite bring myself to make the effort over that debate, so we'll just agree to disagree. It's true that the dominance of the US dollar gives the US a huge amount of influence in the global economy....but.....it's a double edged sword since it's pretty much inevitable that the US dollar will not remain the sole reserve currency forever (already many nations are starting to diversity with the yuan, including the UK), and when it loses that status, the US's interest rate shoots up....and when you look at their debt.....not a good thing.

    The US is definitely at the forefront of technological innovation....right now. But officially China overtook the US in patent applications a few years ago, and the trend going forward is that while the US will continue to be a major innovator without doubt, it will certainly have competitors it did not have 15 years ago.

    Yeah, it's true that the US exerts a tremendous influence on other countries in diplomatic relations, especially with allies. That's undeniably true.

    Not too sure the ability to 'dismantle a smaller country' is the best yardstick to measure the US's military strength. Ultimately those smaller countries are not going to be the major threats/challenges to US authority, influence and prosperity. It's the US's ability to fight the bigger boys that matters. And looking at recent developments, such as the Chinese submarine that literally surfaced right in front of one of the US's supercarriers, with neither it, nor its support vessels technology being able to detect it, in a clear signal that if there had been a state of war, that submarine would have sunk the carrier, I think US power projection is not unchallenged anymore. It's telling that when the Russian's deployed their S400 systems in Syria (the West has no equivalent system by the way), the US pulled its fighters, including the F22 out of the airspace now dominated by the Russians, and even admitted that Russian anti air and electronic warfare systems deployed in Syria were far more advanced that they expected. Now imagine if the Russians sold those technologies to those smaller countries. What would that do to the US's ability to project power?

    I do think the standard of living at home is an important tool for projecting influence abroad. For example during the Cold War the Soviet Union was a vast and powerful state....that not many people wanted to move to. In contrast, the US had a superior standard of living and culture to the Soviets and that arguably was what won them the Cold War (increased exposure to the US standard of living led many Russians to demand the same, which led to the reforms that ultimately brought down the communist regime).
    The U.S. pulled it's fighters to avoid direct U.S.\ Russian contact on the battlefield.

    tell me a nation greater than america than then you can dispute the slogan...
    america is the most prosperous and powerful nation to have ever existed, a cultural/media powerhouse and a technological titan. it makes all other single nations look like ants compared to a human being, hyperbolically speaking.

    It has progressively moved away from liberty as the left have gained ever more political power and influence, particularly over the last century. Now, it is scarcely different to most other Western nations where government has absurdly excessive control over everything from the market and industry to the individual choices and freedoms of citizens.

    The two party system is generally broken, and this election has emphasised that like no other. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are the solution for fixing America.

    If Gary Johnsons sudden rise in popularity is a sign of things to come, it might just be the beginnings of something good for the US. Smaller government, less regulations, less corporatism, less wars, less interference in peoples personal lives; the kind of principles the country was founded upon. One can hope.

    (Original post by bolly_mad)
    Using land and resources that didn't belong to them. Anyway, putting that to one side, what did it do for them? They're over $19 TRILLION in debt and have over 46 MILLION citizens living in poverty in the supposedly richest nation on earth.
    46 million in poverty by who's definition? By the same freaks definition who doubled our debt since taking office. People in Haiti are poor. If you apply a little historical context to it, the " poor " in America are living fat. The overwhelming majority own a car, have a roof over their head, more than enough food, and enough disposable income left to indulge in whatever it is that takes their mind off their poverty they've been convinced they suffer from.
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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