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How can anyone think Hillary is the lesser of two evils?

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    This is a woman who sanctioned selling weapons to the Saudis which they have used to blow up Yemen. She also gave weapons to rebels in Syria, which turned out to be ISIS. All Trump has done is said a few stupid, blustering, brash, belligerent things.

    The other thing I'm confused by is how people can think Trump is a particulary far-right republican. In fact, he's one of the most liberal ever, bar the libertarian ones. He supports legalisation of cannabis on a state by state basis, and has stated that legalisation of all drugs should be "studied". He also gives money to rehabilitation centres so I can imagine he would support them as a president. With the whole transgender toilet scandal, he just basically said that people should be able to use whatever toilet they want. Anything that he has said which seems traditionally conservative has usually just been to pander to that traditionalist section of the republican voters. He never used to have conservative views on abortion, and relative to the other republican candidates he still doesn't, but even so I think his wavering on most social issues is just him feeling a need to pander to people who would have voted for Ted Cruz. In reality he doesn't really care that much. He's much more concerned about trade, and things like the TTIP, which Bernie also opposed. TTIP is about as neoliberal as it gets so it's kind of ironic that Hillary, the supposedly left wing candidate, totally endorses it, while Trump, the supposedly really right-wing candidate is deadly opposed to it and seems to rant about it more consistently than pretty much anything else. Trump's only truly socially conservative views which he actually cares about are his views on immigration. His ideas about building the wall actually aren't that crazy. Many Mexicans living on the border would welcome anything that would help scupper the gangs that destroy their lives. Just watch Cartel Land, a fantastic documentary on the subject. While Mexico shouldn't pay for it, I don't think major attempts to stop Mexican drug cartels are a bad idea at all. When he spoke about rapists and murderers coming over the border, he wasn't talking about normal Mexicans. That quote was totally taken out of context, and in context you can see that he is specifically talking about cartel members.

    The bandwagon against Trump is especially weird when you consider that people like Ted Cruz are massively more conservative than he is. For example, Cruz has been an outspoken opponent of Planned Parenthood. Trump on the other hand has said that Planned Parenthood does great work for women's health. Also, while Cruz is dead against gay marriage, Trump has been pretty wavering, with his most recent stance being that it should be a state issue, although more recently he has seemed to have outwardly accepted its legalisation, simply saying that it is now a reality.

    So why the Trump hate? How is Hillary less evil than him?

    The funny thing is that all the leftists who so vitriolically attack Trump, especially those whose tactics are more juvenile, and his supporters, are serving to strengthen his support. It is rather parallel with Brexit to be honest. An air of smug superiority, thinking that the status quo will be held up, and that all those who disagree with you are uneducated racist/bigoted simpletons. Telling people they are stupid, that they are voting for an evil fascist who is the second incarnation of Hitler, that they hold all manner of prejudices, will not make them more inclined to agree with you. And just like Brexit, we see that many people who fancy themselves intellectual, while being in fact incredibly intolerant and closed-minded, love the devil they know, even if the alternative is a far lesser devil, or perhaps not even a devil at all. And people will hold up institutions that go entirely against the very principles they claim to espouse; socialists desperate to retain neoliberal policies are an interesting phenomenon, pacifists desperate to elect a warmongering beneficiary of blood money are likewise.

    Once again. I agree with the OP.

    Hillary is the more evil and devilish out of the two. She is cunning and sly, whereas Trump, despite being stupid and a racist, speaks what he actually believes and thinks he can actually "make America great again", lol. Hillary just wants to continue this sort of world domination that she has been a part of for decades now.

    I may not be a Trump supporter, but you put across a fair and unbiased analysis of him. Good post.

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Updated: July 27, 2016
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