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Computer Science at Coventry

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    Hello there, I was looking forward to meeting who will soon be my classmates during the next course, since I enrolled for a degree in CS.
    I'm also keen on knowing second yrs so I could get a bit of an insight on what I'll be asked for and the sort of projects and subjects I'm likely to tackle, also is there anyone here who finished the degree already? I remember reading some posts about this same topic from a couple of yrs ago.
    I also wanted to ask a few questions:
    "How much workload will I have to handle?
    "Is it time consuming like say law or medicine? if not then how?"
    "Enough for someone to be able to study a math degree (which is somehow related to this) simultaneously at OU?"
    Basically I'm wondering how I could juggle my degree and another one at OU in maths and stats. The thing is I don't know whether I should split up my first course at OU in two yrs, in such a way I would have to finish the whole second course while I'm (hopefully) working during my placement year, or ,instead, split up my second course so I take advantage of the fact that there will be less workload during my first year in order to add that to my cv when applying for internships as well as making sure that during the placement and second year which I believe is the most crucial one, I'll also have some time for me to make the best of whatever job opportunity comes by as well as a good performance.
    Finally and as a way of letting us know each other better, in case this ends up becoming a chat group or smh...
    What's the reason you decided to go for a CS degree?
    What are your CS skills?
    Any advice on how to prepare myself in advance?
    Aren't you excited about the beginning of the new course?
    I'll add up that as my advantage module I'll take german.
    Spricht eines von euch Deutsch?
    Es freut mich sie kennenzulernen, obwohl mein Deutsch noch nicht so gut ist.
    Bis Bald, and greetings from Spain it's 4:31 here and I'm drunk af.

    Try the official facebook group. Expect to be taught 15-30h a week and have to do private study on top pf this. Doing an additional course at the same time is probably not the best idea. The uni may be able to put you in touch with current students.

    No idea if there is another one, but I made a facebook group for CS (2016 intake).
    Might be cool to see you on there?
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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