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Can someone please answer? He is a pussy but why?

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    My ex boyfriend and I have been going out for nearly two months. A week ago he sent me a message apologising for the stuffs he'd done, said he loved me and wants to start again. Then the message suddenly shift and said he's not in a place to be in a relationship (He has three jobs, need to make time for his friend and for me). Then he said he is happy to meet in person and discuss so we planned to meet on sunday. I am beyond 100 percent that his best mate wants us to break up and hated me because I took my BF away from him (this is confirmed by my ex). On sunday after work he messaged me saying he will be over after dinner but he didnt turn up so i called and he said "have 13 hours shift tmr so I can meet you on tuesday instead".

    Yesterday is the day we planned to meet, I confirmed with him in the morning if we are meeting and he said yes. He didnt turn up so I message him a 5.15 then decided to call him 5.30. He picks up and quickly say something and then hung up. So I texted him..he started insulting me on the message which I am sure that it was his best friend. I can tell by the style of writing and he did used those words to describe me (I am not making myself better that it wasn't my ex, I just can tell by the style of texting and the words used). I called him and a girl picks up which Im sure that it's his sister and she said "He's with me now and sorry he's not interested in you". He started insulting me again and I just say "Okay **** off" then he message again he blocked me on Whatsapp but not other social media.

    I am going to move on but I am just curious and I just don't understand why he didn't tell me that we are not meeting the first place or have a gut to tell by why use others?

    I'm not sure any of us could really tell you. He sounds like an immature, inconsiderate arse. He sounds like he cares so much about his friend that he'll let his life revolve around that friendship. The key bit is you know to be done with him

    He sounds like a right dick if you ask me and you should just forget about him completely

    Sounds like a immature moron who you're better off without!

    Sounds like a pussio, whos scared to tell you he doesnt want to be with you if you ask me, leave him you can do much better
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Updated: July 27, 2016
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