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Nisha's successful alevel Journey !

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    (Original post by nisha.sri)
    UPDATE 09/10/16 :

    I did say i would update this weekend
    So this week has gone quite quick tbh. I've had a maths test and i was really annoyed because i couldn't factorise the simultaneous equation although i did use the formula but it looked crazy !! After the test i re-did the question with a calculator and i found the two number that went in. At least i will get some marks. The rest of the questions were good I also got my Chemistry test back and i got 88% but my teacher was like this is the easiest test you will ever ever do !! I've got one exam next week ( Monday ) i should have said tomorrow lol. Thank god half term is coming in a few weeks so then i can review everything I've done so far and relax.

    Until next week Have a good time
    Congrats on the chem score! I don't do chem but some of my friends do and say it is stressing them out lol. So good luck
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    (Original post by leopard923)
    Congrats on the chem score! I don't do chem but some of my friends do and say it is stressing them out lol. So good luck
    Thank you 😊 It's just the start so don't really know also thanks
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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