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What is the workload like on an access to health and social care course?

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    I will be starting an access to health and social care course in September, the trouble is that I'm not sure whether to do part time or full time. They recommend that I do part time (2 years) because I don't have my GCSE in maths, so I will be studying that alongside the access course, but I want to go to uni in 2017, not 2018, basically as soon as possible.
    My question is, is it possible to do GCSE maths, AND the access course in one year, and come out doing well in both, or is the workload too much? I never really did well in school, and I've never really been one to get my head down to study, so I don't want to do the wrong thing by going for the full time (one year) option, and end up failing both. I don't have any responsibilities such as kids, so I will have more than enough time to study, it's just that I'm not exactly the brightest bulb in the pack...so would it be best if I did full time or part time? I would just rather not be sitting around wasting time for another year.

    Also any general information on the access to health and social care course is welcome, I want to get into Adult nursing after the course.

    My course wasn't entitled Health and Social Care, but there were people on my course who were going on to do social work at uni and needed maths/english GCSEs at a C grade or above to get on their courses, and they seemed to manage fine doing it alongside the Access course. I think it's just a matter of time management.

    Hey, I just finished my access to Health course and it was actually really enjoyable. The work load is heavy but if you keep on track of it and make sure you start your assignments a few weeks before the hand in date, then I'd say you'd do fine doing the 1 year course. Just don't let them stack up as the access course sometimes requires you to hand in 3 or 4 assignments in one go.

    The lessons we did were Core Science, Biology, Health Promotion, Psychology, Contemporary Issues at A Level equivalent and Maths and English at GCSE. I found that GCSE maths was a lot easier than the English and the Biology/Core Science assignments were my favourite. Overall from these 7 subjects we had about 23 assignments to hand in over the year.

    I myself have gotten my place to study a Biomedical degree but more than half of the class ended up in nursing from this course and the other half found related courses to study.

    It's a fantastic course to study, I think you'll throughly enjoy it. I came out with full distinctions overall and I do believe starting my assignments weeks in advance helped as it meant I was able to go over it many times and make sure everything was correct.

    If your studying the same subjects, let me know, as I'll tell you about the assignments I had to do. It might give you a little insight into what to expect.

    Hope this helps.

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    I just completed the access to health and social care course full time and I also did my maths GCSE and worked 15.5 hrs per week, I also have three kids so it is doable :-)

    I wont lie, the access course can be intense, with assignments due for each subject at the same time, sometimes 3 essays at a time with exams too! however if you manage your time well you can do it. I had to do a maths evening class 3 hrs once per week. Even tho its classed as full time you should get one day off per week for study time? and we had big gaps between lessons and fridays we finished at lunctime.

    Good luck x

    I have a place on an Access to health care course for September. It is a one year course, full-time but only works out to 2 days a week. Alongside this, I will be working 3 days a week at my current job as a medical secretary and I'm a single parent to a (nearly) 6 year old son as well. I luckily achieved a grade C in maths GCSE back in 2009 so I don't have to re-take that.

    Although I haven't started the course, my general understanding is that I'll have a busy year with assignments as the only 2 days off I'll have will be the weekend and I have my son so I'll have to find times in the evenings. However, as the access courses are aimed at mature students, I imagine the majority will be working alongside their course and a few will have children. You should look at how many days the course will be (including the maths) and look at what other commitments you have (work, childcare, etc) and think about whether you will realistically have enough time to fit everything in. I understand you wanting to get to uni as soon as possible (I'm the same after waiting years to go in the first place!) however, I think if you're going to be struggling to fit everything in you should think about whether you're more likely to achieve your desired results by spreading the course over 2 years and giving yourself more time to complete all of your work.

    I hope this makes sense and apologies for the long message, hopefully you'll be active on here during your course and I'll have someone doing similar assignments to talk to

    Lucy x
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