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Incoming freshers - sharks are after your cash - be on your guard

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    As new students some unscrupulous marketers will view you as gullible and easy to take money from. There are lots of scams out there so you should always be wary of sending money or your details to anyone or anything that you haven’t first verified is genuinely from the University you are going to. It’s easy on Facebook and other platforms to impersonate an institution using the logo or a member of staff from lists available on the website so keep your wits about you and don’t believe everything you see.

    One of the most common of these scams is from club promoters. It’s often seen on Facebook where you will find countless groups for ‘Offer Holders’ or ‘Freshers’ at every University in the UK. You might assume to look at them that they have just been set up by equally keen students. Sadly this isn’t always the case and frequently the groups are run by promoters who use them as a tool to market their club nights to students.

    These promoters sell their events as if they are the official Freshers’ Week events for the universities and try to convince you to buy tickets in advance threatening that they’ll sell out or claiming that ‘Early Bird tickets have already SOLD OUT!’ to try to convince you that it’s imperative you buy now. Generally it isn’t and often students arrive on campus with their ticket already bought to find that none of their new found friends are going so they can either go alone or accept they’ve lost their money. Every year students try to sell on these tickets and rarely have any luck.

    One of these groups sent the message in the image attached to this post to anyone who joined it. It uses a university logo and name and could easily be genuine but it isn’t. Almost all Freshers’ Weeks are by a Students’ Union/Association not directly by the university. There may be events that need to be booked in advance but mostly this isn’t the case. It’s also true that many students do head out beyond the Students’ Union buildings and if that’s what you want to do then go for it! Just keep an eye out for scams, if you don’t know anyone else going to a club night it’s probably not going to be that fun so it might be better to avoid stumping up money until you meet folk on campus.

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    Thanks for the heads up! Good to know that most events won't be sold out on arrival!
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Updated: August 30, 2016
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