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Endcliffe or Allen Court

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    Allen Court

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    Hi guys,

    I will be coming over to Sheffield as an Australian exchange student for the upcoming Fall Semester. I applied for a room at Endcliffe but was allocated a room at Allen Court, so hence I am now thinking of requesting a transfer to Endcliffe

    I've heard Endcliffe is the more social of the two campuses (and supposedly has more events/parties), but apparently more international students stay at Allen Court (hence more likely to want to travel, which could be good if I'm looking for people to travel with)

    Allen Court is closer to the campus and the city, but Endcliffe has a larger population base... so both have their pros and cons, and I'm sure both are great, but I'm not sure which one would be better for me?

    If anybody could offer an insight into this that'd be fantastic

    Thanks a lot.

    Hi There,I've just finished my first year and I stayed at Allen Court. Unlike you, I applied to stay there. I'm studying engineering so Allen Court was perfect for me as the engineering building is right at the top of the road!It's also a quick walk to the city centre where there's all sorts of shops and resturants. Just to address what you've said, Allen is actually much closer to the union than Endcliffe. Endcliffe is anywhere between a 25-40 minute walk from campus dependant on your walking pace. While it's true Endcliffe is more social, that doesn't mean to say that Allen isn't. I've had/been to plenty of parties and met some fantastic people. As for international students, it appears that a larger proportion lives in Allen, but this is due to how much smaller the accommodation site is than Endcliffe. There'll be internationals no matter where you stay although I do think many chose the city centre because of it's location in relation to the shops etc. For the first semester, we had two American flats next door to ours on an exchange, much like you. Really friendly and it was really easy to make friends and do things with them. I'm sure you'll have no problems, by all means, if you'd rather be in Endcliffe you can apply, but it's so high in demand it may be hard to get a room.Hope this helps and let me know if you want to know any more

    Yeah Endcliffe is not closer to the union, at all, Allen Court is 7 minutes walk max while Endcliffe is 15 minimum. Allen court's reputation is improving, it's not particularly worth transferring to Endcliffe and in general it's quite difficult to transfer between villages anyway, and I doubt you would be able to transfer at all before you get there.
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    So it sounds like both are very good options regardless. I had a feeling that would be the case but the idea of 3,500 people at Endcliffe compared to 1,000 at Allen Court had be contemplating a swap. Is the size difference that noticeable?

    I'd like to think I'm a pretty outgoing sort of person, so something that has quite a social 'culture' is definitely important to me

    Endcliffe is a lot bigger than 3,500 students!I'd like to tell you that you won't notice a difference but in all honesty it depends what you're flatmates are like. If you've got people that are also outgoing and up for socialising it won't matter where you're staying as you'll end up going out together and ultimately you'll end up walking to endcliffe/into the city centre.

    You should change to Endcliffe cause why not? If you want to live around more people and have a more outgoing social life then that's probably the way to go.
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Updated: July 29, 2016
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