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Foods to eat to lose weight. Struggling!

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    (Original post by pandaseattoast)
    I need some help with good foods to help me lose weight as I am currentley in the overweight category.

    I thought I eat a healthy and wholefood diet but this fat is not bugding.

    I am really unsure why???
    Am sure sophie would have told you, but if you arent losing its because of how much and not what you are eating. You arent at deficit for a sustained period end of.

    (Original post by pandaseattoast)
    Breakfast is always porridge. Sometimes with a plant based milk. And fruit. But then other meals can completely vary.

    Lunch can be pasta in tomato sauce. Snacking with lots of fruit or salad. Occasionally have hummus but I limit this.

    I eat a lot of rice mixed with veg aswell.
    Cool to hear that you're vegan, high five bruh.

    Right, I lost a whole frick load of weight on a totally veg/vegan diet so I might be able to help. As others have pointed out, you could be eating all the healthy sh*t in the world but if you're eating over your TDEE, you won't lose any weight.

    Your diet sounds perfect, but if you're not losing weight on what sounds like a calorie deficient diet, the only real explanation is either you've hit a weight loss plateau in which case you sort of have to ride it out and eventually your weight will start to drop again, or you're not aware of the calories you're eating.

    Porridge is great, but how much are you eating? Like 40g is one serving, and about 150 calories plus say 20 calories of almond/soy milk is great, but if you're having 3 or 4 servings/not weighing out how much you're eating, it's so easy to overeat with foods like porridge/oats/cereals. Same thing with the fruit - 1 banana is 110 cals on top of the 190, plus grapes are 3 cal per piece, strawberries 4 per piece etc, then add honey/sugar sweetener to that and again, it's raising the calories. You're an active person and obviously you need a load of calories but you might be really underestimating what you eat.

    Same thing with pasta, and salads. Know how many calories there are in olive oil? around 150 per tablespoon. If you're adding huge amounts of dressing and oil to salads you might be stopping the effects of salad. A bit of dressing is great for healthy fats but some people drown their greens in french dressing which kind of ruins the whole vegetable thing.

    If you want to know how much you're eating, keep a food diary for a week and write down everything, every biscuit or extra cracker you eat, every slice of bread, exactly how much rice. You might find that actually you're eating well over your TDEE and that's why you're not gaining, but you're also not losing.

    PM me if you want any low cal vegan recipes or any specific help/guidelines! Good luck x


    There are no specific foods that will help you to lose weight. In order to do so, you'll need to consume fewer calories than your maintenance level of calories (the amount of calories you need to maintain weight)

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    If you are struggling with weight loss try Forever Living 'Clean 9'. I had exactly the same problem with stubborn fat but it really kick-started my body into burning the fat I've always had problems with getting rid of


    (Original post by pandaseattoast)
    I need some help with good foods to help me lose weight as I am currentley in the overweight category.

    I thought I eat a healthy and wholefood diet but this fat is not bugding.

    I am really unsure why???
    More Eggs

    Bare Protein.
    Weetabix/Bran flakes.

    No joke I've been on and off for about a month and feel 'slimmer' already.
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