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How to answer interview question: Why would you like to work for us?

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    This question is likely to come up in pretty much every interview you ever do so let's share our best (and worst) answers here so we can all boss this question next time...

    From the perspective of an interviewer, being vague and fluffy is not usually the way forward here- specifics about the company really show you've done your research and are genuinely interested in the company.

    For example 'I would love to work for The Student Room as I've seen you're involved in supporting a number of charities that look after young people, particularly around mental health issues which is something I feel passionately about.'

    Throw out a piece of knowledge about the company that not really obvious and then relate it to yourself to show that you would fit in= WINNER.

    What would you reply to this question?

    Because I want to pay off my student loan

    I'd go with demonstrating knowledge of the core business first, eg -

    'I think TSR provides a fantastic service to young people - you can engage with it at so many levels, just vent and get something off your chest from your day, share ideas and information about hobbies and interests, get exam and study advice for any level of education. In fact the forum design means there is almost no limit to the subjects young people, and some older people, can get involved with. And it constantly evolves and keeps up to speed with technology, use on different platforms, and it keeps fresh with new ideas like the rep changes and sidebar changes. Then outside its core business, it still finds time to support relevant charities, like supporting young people's mental health charities'

    Sound keen and positive, compliment them, cover the product, cover how the product is delivered, and then cover one 'additional' things that shows more than superficial research. Only about one sentence on each.

    It always sounds best if you can use examples you really do think are good - just in case there is a follow up question that asks for more information.

    Those career-driven youngsters who either went into work early or did their career planning during uni will know how to answer this question with ease. They're the ones who do weeks of research into companies they have interest in becoming a part of.
    Meanwhile, those who finish their degree, enjoy themselves for a bit and only start job-seeking when given a kick up the back - they'll put their CV on a "popular" job site, get contacted by recruiters, blindly accept to apply to several jobs through them and are given only a few days to prepare for interviews - so they never sound like they're keen on anything, they just want something to "get in the door".

    I've listened to some truly awful answer to this question from "Because i'm bored and on the dole." to "I'm ready for a new challenge". But really any answer that you could apply to any other business is a bad answer. The key thing they are asking is why HERE. Why not a different industry? Why not one of our competitors?

    Saying "I really want to work in retail" doesn't explain why you want to work for THAT retailer over all of the others.

    Hello! I used to suffering to think about an answer to this question too. I remember in one of my classes a teacher of mine said for us answer this question simply like: “Because I want to help the company to solve their problem, I am capable and I can do it.” And it really helped me in the interviews that I participate  they like to hear from the interviewed that they can help and they are able to do it. Always try to make your strengths overcome your negative points that are very important. It is common to be nervous, but relax you can get this job!
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Updated: August 3, 2016
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