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Studying Law & Becoming a lawyer in the US

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    (Original post by Fermionic)
    He really does if he wants to have a shot, those firms do not recruit outside of the Ivy League/Oxbridge. If he's good enough to get into the latter then yeh, good luck to him. But then, if he was, i doubt he'd be on this forum asking such a question.

    The competition is not comparable to London, also there's hardly any risk when one gets a TC.
    It's really not about Ivy League or Oxbridge, I think you're mistaken.

    In the US, the top 14 law schools have a monopoly on recruitment into 'BigLaw', there is a mix of institutions within that top 14 grouping but that is the tradition. OP frankly would be making a silly decision to go down this route unless they are independently wealthy - law school in the US is a postgraduate degree and can cost up to $200-250k all told. Not to mention, getting into a T14 school is not easy - not in the slightest.

    I'm not quite sure why you brought up Oxbridge as a degree from there wouldn't qualify one to work in the US (aside from the obvious exceptions like Cali and NY where foreign law degree holders can take the bar).

    It is also most certainly NOT the case that you need to be from Oxbridge to get into a US firm's London office. It undoubtedly helps, a ton, but it is not a prerequisite by any means. A strong RG university would suffice if one was to compete for the various vacation schemes, training contracts etc on offer - of course, granted they have the right CV.

    OP, what you plan on doing is a bit pointless if you aren't rich. There are no guarsntees that you would a) get into a good enough US law school, b) be able to afford said law school - even with loans, c) get hired by a biglaw firm, d) pass the bar. It would be much wiser going down the path of training as a solicitor here - which, by the way you don't need a law degree to do as if you're good enough to land solid training contract offers the firm will pay for your conversion course and LPC. You could always second in the US during your TC and granted you maybe do an LLM, you may even have the opportunity to take the NY or California bar.

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