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People Think I'm Autistic or a Sociopath?

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    Recently, a friend was talking about me and had began discussing how I was most likely a sociopath. Then the other friend soon agreed. And later, the second friend's mom said it was probably actually autism. [I was told of this conversation days later by friend 2]I've been informed that apparently their reasons were that I don't function in romantic, sexual and friendly relationships well, I don't really understand other people's emotions and don't seem to care either way, I obsess over specific things, repeatedly preform actions or say words, dislike specific fabric feelings, my hearing is over sensitive, I have a genius IQ and have depression, seem to always be moving, rocking or fidgeting and can't focus 100% on things.

    What do I make of this? Are they right?

    Maybe its the depression ... ? You're far from a sociopath.

    How the **** is anyone here going to know ?*

    All of you said is that you don't function in relationships. That doesn't mean you are autistic *or sociopathic. *


    That actually isn't all I said. I just wanted advice, also. No need for a rude response as such.

    Go to a doctor.

    Seriously, you could have autism, ADD, dyspraxia or a million other things. Get thee to the GP and express your concerns. The rocking and obsessive behaviour are definitely signs a visit to the doctor is in order but honestly your friends should not be spouting random diagnoses at you. I mean talk about rude

    You definitely don't seem like a sociopath. You could be autistic but it could also be lots of other things.

    Personally, unless you particularly want help/want to know or you think you might be a danger to yourself or other people then there's not really any reason to ask your GP. You definitely need new friends though..

    Some of what you described can be associated with autism but there's no real way to know unless you see a GP and go through the tests. So either forget about it and continue on as you were. Or get an appointment and find out
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Updated: August 4, 2016
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