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A conversation between me and the admin of fb page"Imperial College Secrets"

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    Everyone who has done a degree at Imperial during recent years has most definitely heard about few facebook pages like "Imperial College Secrets" and "Imperial College Tell Someone Something"(this one got shut down because of too much made up facts and cyber bullying) etc..

    It surely is okay to tell jokes or have pranks on some college mates, or make class confessions if the contents are kind, and the pages on many occasions did so, sometimes not. Imperial College Secrets has been a good platform to tell beneficial/useful jokes or have confessions but sometimes, it just went bit beyond acceptable and has the same problem as the previous "IC tell someone something", so I gave the page a message on facebook yesterday.

    Here are our conversations:

    Me: I somehow really dont like this page's sometimes really beyond the border obscene contents// while sometimes this is meant to be fun// but I am sorry, not fun on many occassions// as I literally just graduated, I want to say// I really really dislike some of the people who post some bad thing and previous admin who failed to filter

    //the admin: wow u still fat as ****


    South Park: Family Guy is unnecessarily offensive sociopathic and always gives irrelevant contents// family guy: matt and trey are gays

    -----conversation ended------

    I am very aware about my overweight because of my diet in England and my medical condition, and I try losing it really quickly since summer. But that is not the point here, Imperial College is a great uni but the social environment from my observation through years is indeed bit horrendous sometimes- having immature admin bashing people in order to make him feel better and avoid his problems is just bit ridiculous for a so called world class uni.

    (There are a hand of other things i and my friends experience but find it too awkward to share publicly so we would rather not talk about those)How do you think TSR-er?


    P.S. I lost 20 lbs compare to my fb profile before I talked to this anonymous admin.

    I think you went looking for an argument and found one. Of your own volition, you've emailed the admin of a FB page you don't like due to its general tone and content, and told them that you didn't like it. What on earth was the point of that? You could have kept your opinion to yourself and gone on your way without being directly insulted. You chose not to do that.

    More to the point, given the tone/content of the page, what sort of response were you expecting? As an Imperial graduate, you're intelligent enough to know that the response wasn't going to be a concerned apology for offending you and a promise to reform in future.

    If you don't like something on the internet, you ignore it. On FB, you block the page/person etc. You fed the trolls and they bit you. That's modern life.
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Updated: July 28, 2016
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