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Should I self- fund the GDL?

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    Hi guys,

    So I've been offered a place to study the GDL at Nottingham Trent University, but I haven't applied for any training contracts. I've received a scholarship but I would still have to self- fund the majority of my course and maintenance costs during the year.

    Does anyone know if having studied the GDL greatly improves my chances of later securing a training contract, or whether firms rather you hadn't had any previous legal training when they sponsor you? I'm trying to decide if its worth self- funding the GDL this year, and then applying for training contracts to cover the LPC, or if its worth waiting a year and trying to get both sponsored by a firm. I'm keen to get on and begin my law career, but fees are so high!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    Its a gamble. theres no guarantee you are going to get a TC or that they will sponsor you. You dont give any details.
    Some firms might retrospectively pay, but others will not.

    I dont think it greatly improves your chances, unless ofc you get stunning grades.

    I would try and get experience or improve my cv as well as put a lot of effort into my applications.

    Whilst uts understanable you are keen, you should also be patient and determined as many people dont make it. The important thing is that you get to your destination eventually rather than never.

    If you self fund the GDL, then will you be prepared to self fund the LPC as well? Some people do and still dont get TC's.
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    Thanks for your response!

    I know there's no guarantee I'll get a training contract, I'm just trying to decide whether to defer for a year and apply based on likelihood.

    I've just graduated from the University of Nottingham with a first, and I have 3 A's at A- level. I've also had two short bits of legal work experience (one for 2 weeks, one for a few days). I suppose what I want to know is the likelihood of someone in my position getting the GDL funded by a firm if I wait a year and apply.

    As for funding the LPC, I think I'd reapply until I secured a TC (although I understand this can take years) or gained a scholarship to cover the majority of costs- I wouldn't entirely self fund both courses.

    Thank you again for your advice!
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Updated: July 28, 2016
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