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GDL/LPC/Training Contract

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    Need help please, I've quit my job to pursue a career as a solicitor. I am yet to complete my GDL course application as I am nervous that I haven't been able to secure a training contract yet.
    I wanted to find a company that would also sponsor my LPC. Is there anyway around this? 10K is alot of money if I can't do anything with the diploma after to the extent that its just a useless piece of paper!
    I'm stressing out so much! So many people have given me so much conflicting advise, some advise not to do the GDL and get a job whilst applying for firms to fund both the GDL and LPC? I also really struggle with the psychometric tests, so can anyone thing of any other way that I could do this?
    Thanks in advance,

    So you have a degree? Is it a good one from a good uni?
    Its mostly the better commercial firms which will pay for an LPC and some of them will sponsor your GDL as well.
    Unless you have great scores on the GDL, then am not sure uts that much of an advantage to have it prior to applying, but good experience will be seen as an advantage.

    I would get a job that gave me good experience which I can then sell at interview as having skills and experience.
    I would get the employer to pay for both.

    Cant remember how many psychometric tests I did, not that many. They tend to use different things like team games and file reviews. You cna practice all of these. Its about reserach and prep. If you really struggle then you have no excuse not to work on it and get better. Your competitors wont care and they will make the effort.
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    I have a 2.1 Philosophy from Hull but have been working as a junior project manager in construction for the past 3 years.

    Is the general consensus not to self fund the GDL then? I just want to get stuck in as I am 26 this year.

    Furthermore i generally struggle with the tests and i have intensively studied for them for months Etray exercises bring me out in cold sweats too!
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Updated: July 28, 2016
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