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Merkel stands by migrant policy

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    The Germans are at it again


    (Original post by Josb)
    The civil war in Syria had already started long before ISIS arrived in Syria. The Al-Nusra front was making big territorial gains at that time; they aren't much better than ISIS.
    If you read my post it states ISIS wouldnt exist had it not been for the wests intervention in Iraq from 2003 onwards. I'm more interested in the conflicts which have caused large scale movements of people.

    That was way before the violenece in Syria in 2011.


    Where do the World's Refugees come from?

    The Syrian Arab Republic is the largest source country of refugees with a total refugee population of 4.2 million as of mid-2015. Syrians remained the main group of asylum-seekers worldwide, with 114,500 new asylum applications registered during the first six months of 2015.

    Afghanistan (2.6 million) has remained the second-largest source country for refugees with Somalia (1.1 million) placing both as the third largest source country worldwide and as the largest refugee producing country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    South Sudan is the fourth-largest source country of refugees worldwide (744,100 by the end of June 2015).

    Who Hosts the World's Refugees?
    As of mid-2015, Turkey hosts 1.84 million refugees in its territory. As such, Turkey has overtaken Pakistan as the country which hosts the largest refugee population within its territory in the world. Pakistan currently hosts 1.5 million refugees, nearly all of whom are from Afghanistan.
    Lebanon remains the third-largest refugee hosting country in the world with 1.2 million refugees falling within the mandate of UNHCR. As of mid-2015, there are 209 refugees per 1,000 inhabitants in Lebanon.

    (Original post by MildredMalone)
    ... You think the "refugee" migrants are working?
    Of course... after all that's what Merkel wants.
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Updated: July 29, 2016
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