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I told him no but he did it anyway... is it rape or was i just too weak ? (gay)

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    Go to the police

    That's rape. You should report to your local police station immediately. Who knows if you were his only victim and you deserve justice. Nice guys do not force themselves on other people for sex. Do not blame yourself for what your rapist did to you. You said no and he forced himself on you so yes, this is rape.

    I am so so sorry that this has happened to you. You are not to blame in any way, shape or form.
    How are you feeling now? Have you been able to talk about this with somebody that you trust?
    It doesn't matter whether you whispered 'no' or screamed it in his face, you did not give him consent but he still did what he did.
    If you feel up to it, please talk to somebody - even report it to the police. You are under no obligation to report it, but if you would like to then please know that there are resources out there to support you. Your sexuality doesn't negate his crime, your actions don't negate his crime. You are not to blame in any way, shape or form.
    I'll be thinking about you. Please message me if you need to talk.

    ETA: have you been to hospital to check that he didn't do any damage? Again, it is entirely your choice, but it might be worth going just to check. They will probably also be able to refer you to services which can help you process what has happened. You are a valuable, loveable person. No one deserves to have this happen to them.

    Some websites that might help:
    Further resources on the Survivors UK page: https://www.survivorsuk.org/resources/

    (Original post by #JOSH45#)
    I've recently been experimenting with my sexuality, i met this guy he's 28 and I'm 18. I made it abundantly clear i wasn't just going to hook up with a guy just to cross it off of my bucket list but rather wanted to build a meaningful friendship or maybe even a relationship. We were kissing and messing about, I then explicitly told him i wasn't ready to engage in full sex and then we just kept kissing about 10 minutes later he got on top of me, i told him i didn't like it and wanted him to stop and actually started to physically push him off of me but he didn't stop. It also doesnt help that he's like 6'7 and quite big while I'm 5'6 and quite slender. Whenever he invites me over its late and i'm starting to feel like he only ever wanted me for sex and actually has no other interest in me. I'm not gonna try to play the victim or cry rape because he really does seem like such a nice guy but i don't like feeling taken advantage of. I guess i could have been more assertive but i was just a little overwhelmed. I'm typically quite a conservative (not super religious but spiritual) person so this was really new to me and now I'm just starting to feel so guilty and regret everything. I feel like I've gone off guys and I'm now only really interested in girls.

    Sorry for the long winded post but i need opinions.
    At least you did get another man up your................where abouts is this chap from? I can only dream of the day I meat another gay. I'm the only gay in my village.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Is your boyfriend gay as well?
    I don't think he was I think the BF was perfectly straight.
    ...That's why he was dating and raped a guy. It's so obvs he was straight.

    (Original post by Laomedeia)
    At least you did get another man up your................where abouts is this chap from? I can only dream of the day I meat another gay. I'm the only gay in my village.
    You don't see at all how it's inappropriate to tell a rape victim 'at least you got some!'? Seriously?
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