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Theresa May: Polish migrants can STAY

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    Racists who don't want Polish to immigrate here any more take that
    Theresa May, in her most telling statement yet on the issue, condemned 'shameful and despicable' attacks on Poles in the wake of the Brexit vote and insisted they continue to be welcome in Britain. During a visit to Warsaw for talks with counterpart Beata Szydlo, Mrs May stressed she expected to be able to guarantee the rights of Poles to remain in Britain after it quits the EU and hit out at the wave of hate crime sparked by the referendum.
    The Prime Minister said she will 'seek to address the concerns' of voters about free movement while 'recognising' the economic ties between the UK and EU on her trip to Poland.

    Around 800,000 Poles live in Britain, where they headed after the EU's 2004 'Big Bang' expansion to former Communist states in eastern and central Europe. Mrs May said: 'I will seek to address the concerns of the British people about free movement, while recognising the importance of a close economic relationship between the UK and the EU.'

    Of course, there will be different interests and complex issues to resolve but I firmly believe that if we approach this in a constructive and positive spirit then we can pave the way for a calm and orderly departure.'In that context, I want to be clear that Poles living in the UK continue to be welcome and we value the contribution that they make to our country.

    It's no surprise the politicians are watering down the Brexit vote. A lot of people won't be happy to hear her stance on the matter. And you know why she wants them to stay? Because of the cheap manual labour the poles provide.

    is "polish" a race? I thought they were white. can white people be racist against other white people? no?
    but honestly, I think it's reasonable to let those who came before brexit stay because they didn't break any laws
    post-brexit, though? I don't know if you can say the same - if we assume brexit was the watershed between "this amount of immigration is okay" and "this amount is *not* okay", then it shouldn't be so certain that post-brexit poles should stay in that sense. hell, most of them probably won'y even have a job yet, and if they do, it won't be a life-making job.

    No surprise there, May doesn't want a lot of pissed off Brits losing their jobs and businesses forced to return to a depressed UK if the EU took retaliatory action to expel them from the EU if Britain got rid of EU migrants.

    I very much doubt we can reduce EU migration by much after we finally leave the EU. So many sectors of the British economy rely on EU migrants such as agriculture, healthcare, construction, education, finance and hospitality that every sector will want exemption from whatever restrictions there are on immigration that it will be the same as pre Brexit.
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Updated: July 30, 2016
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