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HELP! How to impress on a trial shift

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    Hey guys! I have a trial shift at a local cafe tomorrow, and I was wondering: do any of you have any tips on how to really impress a potential employer? The boss is a really nice guy, but he told me straight up he's a bit unsure about hiring me because I have no experience working with food; only a tiny bit of retail experience working in a charity shop.

    I really want to get this job, it's perfect, it's really close by and everyone there seems friendly.

    So, anyone who has a job in retail or a cafe or anything similar, how should I impress the boss? Thanks

    Work hard
    Be punctual (get there early) polite and accurate.
    Wash your hands.
    Ask intelligent questions.
    be responsibly self sufficient.
    Have a good idea whats on the menu.
    Deliver good customer service.

    Avoid doing the opposite of any of the above.

    ----^ This.

    We went to a newly opened cafe the other week and one chap managed to spill coffee over two lots of people. Don't do that. Being approachable, efficient and hard working are the watch words. If you don't have anything to do, find something to do.

    all the things other people have said, also make sure you're on the look out for anyone who might need something/ask people fi they're enjoying their food as those things are a little different to being in a shop
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