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How can I help my mum.

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    Does your mum only drink with meals? Or does she hit the bottle as soon as she wakes up or in the afternoons as well ? There are tens of thousands of people who drink quite heavily, but who don't necessarily have a problem with alcohol. Is she drinking at ten o'clock in the morning as well as in the evening? Is she physically neglecting herself? Perhaps you could contact Alcoholics Anonymous. Their website will give you contact details locally. Via it you could speak to a local AA member and see what they think. Also having a leaflet from AA such as "Do you have a problem with alcohol? Some questions and answers", might bring her to her senses, or make her realise she DOES have a problem. [BTW, the leaflet's title is not a real AA title, I just used that sentence as an example of what might be written on one]. My son's late father was a chronic alcoholic. He died nine years ago, actually on 27 July , so just nine years and two days ago. He was 52. The thing I know about alcoholism is it is a disease. It's also progressive; what may start off as a few drinks a week can then become every evening and then every morning and every evening. And for the vast majority of alcoholics they usually have to hit rock bottom before they get help. She might not be there yet. Do NOT buy any alcohol for her, no matter how much she begs you. Also ,as well as AA for alcoholics there is a group very similar called Al Anon, which is for family members of alcoholics, especially their partners. And there is Al Ateen for the children of alcoholics. I'M NOT SAYING YOUR MOTHER IS AN ALCOHOLIC. But she might be on the way to becoming dependent on alcohol if she doesn't sort herself out now. Talk to other family members again. Keep talking to them. You shouldn't be having to deal with this on your own.

    Try and persuade her to deal with this problem, she will not like what lies at the end of the road she appears to be heading down...

    When shes sober and alone you need to have a heart to heart with her. an intervention. yes it sounds like she is hurting from the death of her sister and drinking the pain away and doesn't realise that she has a problem - most addicts don't realise. you need to get through to her to realise that she does have a drinking problem and tell her she needs to get some therapy.

    if she denies that she drinks a lot say you will openly point it out everytime

    so each time she gets a bottle you say 'see another bottle' then 'see you've drank most of it yourself'. It she gets testy ask her how she'd feel if it was you drinking so much?
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Updated: July 30, 2016
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